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Exploring Your Options for Cremation Ceremonies

Cremation Oakland

Whether you’re planning ahead for your own funeral or making arrangements for a deceased loved one, you should know that you have several ceremony options to choose from when it comes to cremation. Continue reading to learn about different cremation ceremonies that are available.

Traditional Cremation with Ceremony
When choosing cremation, many people have questions about the funeral ceremony. Cremation does not prevent you from holding a traditional ceremony. In the case of a traditional cremation with ceremony, a full body visitation using a ceremonial casket is held. Then, any religious rites or ceremonies are performed. Once these are completed, the body is then cremated, and the cremated remains are later returned to the family for burial, memorialization, or scattering.

Ceremonial Cremation
Many people choose the route of cremation with the intent not to hold a traditional full body visitation. In this case, a ceremony can still be held. If you choose ceremonial cremation, the body is first cremated, and later a funeral service is held at which the cremated remains are often present.

Non-Ceremonial Cremation
For some individuals, no ceremony is desired. If you simply want the cremation process to be performed, then you would choose non-ceremonial cremation. Following the cremation process, the cremated remains are returned to you or sent to a location of your choosing.

Post-Ceremonial Memorialization
No matter which type of cremation ceremony you select, there are a number of ways in which you can choose to have the cremated remains memorialized afterward. Some people opt to have the cremated remains scattered, while others go ahead with a traditional in-ground burial. You can also choose to store the cremated remains within a cremation niche or select to memorialize the cremated remains in a cremation bench, mausoleum, or cremation memorial garden.

Chapel of the Chimes Oakland offers onsite cremation and a range of unique funeral ceremony options. To find out more about our cremation services near Oakland, please give us a call today at (510) 654-0123.

What to Expect from the Funeral Director

Funeral Home Oakland

When it comes to working with a funeral home following the death of a loved one, many people have questions about the funeral planning process and what to anticipate. Read on for information about what you can expect from the funeral director.

Helpful Information
Funeral directors have a great deal of experience planning and organizing funerals. For this reason, you can count on yours to have the answer to just about any question that you may think of regarding the funeral service. Do not hesitate to speak with your funeral director about any questions or concerns that you have regarding the funeral process.

Administrative Services
The funeral director plays a critical role in handling the administrative tasks associated with a funeral, and you can expect yours to complete all necessary paperwork involved. Also, the funeral director will ensure that the choices regarding the ceremony and the handling of the deceased’s body are properly implemented. Because your funeral director is experienced in handling and organizing funeral services, you can count on this individual to help ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. In this way, your funeral director will prove to be an invaluable resource during this difficult time.

Caregiving Services
You can benefit from knowing that your funeral director has experience working with bereaved families. This means that he can offer a listening ear and assist you, your family, and your friends in coping with the loss. Funeral directors can often recognize when an individual is struggling to cope with a loss and can offer recommendations for sources of professional help. Finally, you can expect your funeral director to suggest support groups that you or other surviving family members may benefit from attending during this challenging period.

The experienced and compassionate staff at Chapel of the Chimes Oakland are prepared to help you through the emotional process of arranging funeral services. For more information about our funeral home and cemetery in Oakland, you can reach us at (510) 654-0123.

Finding Closure Following a Loss

As anyone who has lost someone close to them knows, pain and grief do not disappear after you leave the funeral home. Coping with death and moving on after a loss can be incredibly challenging. Watch this video for tips on finding closure after losing someone.

First, it’s important to acknowledge your feelings, rather than run from them. Second, release your emotions by writing in a journal or venting to a friend. Third, be patient with yourself and realize that emotional healing is a process that can take time. Finally, avoid focusing on what you have lost, and embrace activities, people, and things that you love.

Chapel of the Chimes Oakland offers funeral pre-planning, cremation services, and grief counseling in Oakland. For more information about what we do, you can reach us at (510) 654-0123.

Our Reception Services

Funeral Home Oakland

Funeral homes provide many spaces and services to help grieving families plan memorials for their lost loved ones. Here at Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we know that the burial isn’t the only part of the funeral with which families will be concerned. We also offer reception services to help you plan a meal and other special activities with guests after the funeral service.

We can help you plan a reception following the funeral by setting you up with a caterer that will work for your budget. This will make it easy to plan a meal that your friends and family members will be able to enjoy while sharing memories about the deceased. Our reception services can help you avoid the stress of working with a variety of different people in order to put the funeral together.

If you are looking for a funeral home in Oakland, Chapel of the Chimes Oakland can provide the services you want to honor your loved one. You can learn about our funeral home, mausoleums, and grief support services by calling us at (510) 654-0123.

Making Cremation Arrangements for a U.S. Veteran

Cremation Oakland

If you have recently lost a loved one who was a U.S. Veteran, you may have some questions about how to plan the memorial service. When choosing cremation for this type of deceased individual, it is important to know how Veteran status should impact the memorial. Keep reading to learn how to make cremation arrangements for a U.S. Veteran:

Learning About Cremation
Cremation is typically seen as an alternative to traditional burial that has become more popular among more people. While some people choose cremation due to religious or cultural beliefs, others choose it because it costs less than traditional burial and also has a lesser impact on the environment. If your loved one didn’t specify any plans for what they wanted to happen after they passed on, it’s important to talk to your family members about the possibility of cremation.

Choosing a Spot for Cremated Remains
While cremation is an alternative to burial, the cremated remains can still be buried in a cemetery as a way to honor your deceased loved one. These remains can be buried in a specific spot of the cemetery that is designated to honor U.S. Veterans only. You can also place the cremated remains into separate groups. This will allow you to bury some of the cremated remains in the cemetery but also have some to keep in an urn or other container for cremated remains that you can keep in your home or another special location.

Planning a Memorial Service
Whether you want to bury some of the cremated remains or keep them, you can still plan a memorial service for your recently lost loved one. A memorial park can host a service for your lost loved one whether you are choosing cremation services or traditional burial.

Are you preparing cremation arrangements for a U.S. Veteran? Chapel of the Chimes Oakland can help you throughout the planning process. You can learn more about cremation options in Oakland by visiting our website or giving us a call at (510) 654-0123.

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