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Domestic Partnership: Your Rights to Plan Your Partners Funeral

Couple at a Funeral

Domestic partners share laughter, trials, and dreams and a life together. It, therefore, makes sense that a domestic partner should be the one to plan the funeral services when his or her loved one passes away. This guide explains the rights a domestic partner has for making funeral arrangements:
  • Defining Partnership
    Barring a lawyer given power of attorney, domestic partners are granted disposition rights after a loved one has passed. However, this domestic partner must be officially documented by the State of California Domestic Partner Registry. Any two persons over the age of 18 that are not related by blood or marriage are eligible for domestic partnership registry. According to the City Clerk of Oakland, partners also much share “common necessities of life” and have “resided together for at least six months prior to filing an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.” Once these steps have been completed, a domestic partner is put in full control of funeral arrangements. 
  • Disposition Details
    The state of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs grants numerous rights to a surviving domestic partner. In terms of funeral arrangements, a domestic partner may choose funeral decorations incorporated into the service. Additionally, a domestic partner is in full control of the type of funeral service being held. If the domestic partner is unavailable or incompetent, these rights will be transferred to adult children or surviving parents. 
  • Arrangement Rights
    Department of Consumer Affairs provides several protections for surviving partners and family members. All funeral homes are required to quote prices over the phone and provide price lists during personal visits. Likewise, California law requires casket sellers to provide a written price list of caskets and alternative burial containers. Learn more by visiting the Department of Consumer Affairs online.
At the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, we understand that the loss of a loved one is an inconsolable tragedy. We offer first-class funeral services and outstanding facilities to help you during your time of mourning. Contact us at (510) 992-6709 for additional details.

Dealing With Grief? Let Chapel of The Chimes Oakland Help You


The grieving process doesn’t have to be an experience you go through alone. There are resources that may help you cope. Explore these links to find out more. 
  • Compassionate Friends offers friendship, understanding, and hope for those who have suffered the loss of a child. They also have advice on the grieving process in general.  
  • Do you want to know more about how you can help someone you care about through a time of grief? HelpGuide.org has step-by-step information on being supportive for someone experiencing difficult times.
  • If you have a loved one who has lost someone special to them, find out ways you can lend your support. Check out this link on how to help a loved one with the death of a family member from LiveStrong.com.
  • Sometimes people feel like they are not making any progress in the grieving process. Find out more about the complicated grief process in this article from BlogMemorial.com.
  • For advice on the internal struggles that grieving presents, explore this link from GoodGriefCenter.com. Here you’ll find 20 tips for the bereaved. 
Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland provides personalized service options for remembering the life of a loved one who’s passed. For more information on cremation and funeral services, call (510) 992-6709.

Huge Success for Jazz at the Chimes

Jazz at the Chimes Featured in The Line Up

This past weekend, Chapel of the Chimes Oakland had their second sold out Jazz at the Chimes Concert with over 200 people who attended the event.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the next Jazz at the Chimes Concert which will be held Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 2 PM with John Santos! Thank you to everyone who helped us make this event a huge success!

Let Chapel of The Chimes Oakland Honor Your Loved One With a Personal Service or Memorial

When planning a funeral, consider a signature service that reflects the person that passed. Personalized services will help you create the perfect tribute.
The life your loved one lived was completely unique. Creating a personalized service to honor and remember that person can add a very special and intimate quality to the commemoration you’re planning. Watch this video to find out how a planning specialist can help you tell your loved one’s story with a beautiful and touching ceremony.
The Chapel of Chimes in Oakland, CA offers a historic venue for end-of-life ceremonies and burials. We are one of the most desired crematory locations in Northern California. Call us at (510) 992-6709 for more information.

Helpful Ways To Deal With Grief

Elderly man lost in thought

The grieving process is often a lonely experience. You can feel shut off from the world not knowing where to turn. However, a few helpful resources will allow you explore your feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, and other emotions. But with a little help, you may be able to come to terms with your loss Here are some important resources that will help you get through your time of grief:

Family and Friends
Reach out to your family. Find someone who allows you to talk about the loss of your loved one and your feelings towards it openly. You should feel comfortable enough with this person to discuss whatever is on your mind, even if it might be uncomfortable for them to hear. Relating your thoughts and feelings in the open to someone familiar can help you feel less alone during this process.

Communities of Faith
If you have are religious, consider reaching out to someone in your community who can help you. There are some leaders and groups in many religious facilities whose purpose is to help others through the grieving process through discussion of religious philosophies.

Grief Groups
Consider seeking out communities of grievers. For some, groups like these offer insight into the grief management practices of others. Organizations like Compassionate Friends or THEOS allow people to share their experiences and learn more about the grieving process in a group setting.

Professional Therapy
Mixed and unresolved emotions can complicate the grieving process. Sometimes, the circumstances of the events that took place before your loss—like having an argument with the person before they passed—confuse the grieving process. Sharing these feelings and experiences with a professional therapist can help. Having sessions with a therapist doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. You can solicit the help of a professional one session at a time to address specific issues related to your grief.

Planning a funeral and ceremony for a loved one who has passed can be daunting task. It’s important to work with a funeral home that respects and addresses your situation by offering professional, caring, and personalized end-of-life services. Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, CA provides cremation services, signature services, and other funerary needs. Call us today at (510) 992-6709 for more information.

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