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When Should You Scatter Ashes?

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Everybody grieves differently. Planning a funeral can be an emotionally tiring experience, but you don’t have to scatter any ashes immediately after a cremation. Instead, wait until the time is right and devise the perfect plan for scattering the ashes of a loved one. Keep reading if you are wondering when you should scatter the ashes of a deceased friend or family member.

The right time to scatter ashes depends on a multitude of factors. However, there are a few elements to keep in mind when deciding on the appropriate time. As is the case with traditional burials and funeral services, people will have the opportunity to visit their lost loved ones and pay their respects after a cremation. Since the departed may have loved ones all over the country—or even the world—it is possible that not everyone can make it to the funeral services. Before you scatter the ashes of your loved one, make sure everyone has had a chance to pay their respects and say their goodbyes.

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Explaining Cremation to Children

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Death can be a difficult concept for children to wrap their minds around, and the aftermath can be just as tricky. If a close family friend or loved one undergoes cremation, your kids might have a slew of questions. Try not to shy away from your kids’ questions, and have funeral services so that they can pay their respects. Continue on for more on the process of explaining cremation to children.

Learn about cremation.
Conversations about life and death can be tough, especially when it comes to children. This is why it is important that you learn about cremation yourself before you try to explain it to your kids. Fortunately there are plenty of different ways that you can go about enhancing your knowledge of cremation; you can find resources online, talk to people you know who have had loved ones cremated, or even visit Chapel of the Chimes Oakland to learn everything you want to know about this option.

Engage your child’s curiosity.
There are countless things that spark children’s curiosity, and the last thing you want to do is shut them down. It is perfectly natural to wonder what is happening when a loved one passes away, and children are not the only ones who feel this way. If your child has questions, you should do your best to answer them. Never ignore your children’s curiosities and concerns when it comes to death, especially regarding someone close.

Have a memorial service.
Cremation can be a difficult concept to understand for kids. In some cases you can make this easier by having a traditional memorial or funeral service. This will give your kids a chance to pay their respects, and it might give them the closure they need to help them get over their loss. The specific type of memorial service you hold is up to you, but the right one can be helpful for your kids.

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Tips for Writing an Obituary

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Funeral pre-planning entails a handful of different elements, from seeking grief support to choosing a funeral home. The obituary is another important factor to consider after the passing of a loved one. It’s important that you write one that honors your loved one. Keep reading for a closer look at these tips for writing an obituary.

Paint a picture.
When you write an obituary for a loved one, think about the qualities that made the person so special. An obituary gives people a chance to see a deceased friend, family member, or acquaintance in the same light in which their closest loved ones saw them. Take this opportunity to write kind words about your deceased loved one; talk about what he or she liked to do, discuss prevalent personality traits, and mention a few things that the person considered important in life.

Name surviving family members.
In addition to describing the deceased, obituaries will commonly name surviving family members. You can mention any kids or grandkids the departed may have had, and you can also talk about his or her parents. Think about the people whom your loved one was closest with; you don’t necessarily have to limit your mentions to immediate family. Family members will appreciate being included in the obituary of their cherished friend or relative. People who read the obituaries might not necessarily know your friend or relative’s name, but they could recognize yours and extend their condolences to your family.

Offer details about memorial services.
One of the most practical purposes of an obituary is making people aware of memorial services. Wakes, funerals, and cremation services typically happen shortly after a person passes, and people have busy schedules. There may be people who care for your lost loved one who were not otherwise aware of his or her passing; an obituary can allow these people to attend the funeral services.

If you want to learn more about writing an obituary or planning a funeral near Oakland, contact Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. Give us a call at (510) 654-0123 to get more information about our funeral planning and grief support services.

Understanding the Purpose of a Columbarium

If you or a loved one is considering cremation, you should consider columbariums. Planning ahead can help ensure that your funeral services are executed properly. Watch this video if you are interested in understanding the purpose of a columbarium.

Although cremation is a completely separate option from a standard funeral and burial, the two alternatives share a few similarities. If you opt for cremation, your ashes will likely be stored in an urn. This urn may reside in a columbarium, which is a place where people can memorialize their lost loved ones. In this way, a columbarium is much like a traditional gravesite. Friends and family members can leave flowers, heirlooms, and other memorial items that remind them of the departed.

Learn more about cremation services available near Oakland by contacting Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. Call us at (510) 654-0123 to get answers to your questions about cremation services and funeral planning.

A Look at Buddhist Funeral Traditions

The Buddhist way of life teaches that death is a natural part of the life cycle and that it is necessary for a person who is dying to mentally prepare for the next incarnation. The Buddha did not leave specific instructions for preferred funeral services and so Buddhist funeral traditions can be flexible. However, there are some traditions that Buddhist families will generally follow after a death and at the funeral home.


Buddhist families prefer that the dying process take place in a calm, peaceful setting. When the individual dies, family members are expected to cleanse the body. The decedent is dressed in everyday clothes, rather than garments for special occasions. Some Buddhist families prefer that the body be left in place for at least four hours before being moved to a funeral home. However, if the decedent wanted to donate his or her corneas or organs, then the proper authorities should be notified shortly after the death. Some Buddhist families prefer to avoid embalming when local regulations will permit this.


If a visitation or wake will be held, it is appropriate for the family to choose a simple casket and to arrange the altar with candles, incense, and other offerings. The decedent’s portrait and an image of the Buddha may be displayed.


The family may choose to have a teacher or other member of the Buddhist community perform chants. If this is not possible, then the family may perform chants or set up an audio recording of chanting. The chants should be focused on life’s impermanence and the transference of merit. It is traditional, though not required, for a Buddhist to be cremated. Cremation services follow the precedent established by the Buddha. However, some families may prefer burial. During all of the services, it is expected that the family and other mourners wear white. Head coverings should be removed during chanting or other rites.

At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, your family will find compassionate and culturally sensitive funeral services in Oakland. Our funeral home works closely with each family to ensure that the funeral or cremation services are an appropriately personalized celebration of life. Call (510) 654-0123 to speak with a funeral director.

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