How Grief Counseling Can Help During a Difficult Time

Grief Counseling

There is no worse feeling than that of losing someone close to you—particularly when they seem to have been taken before their time. The prospect of never again being able to hold a loved one in your arms or hear their laughter is often too much for us to bear. However, no one has to face these difficult times alone. Here’s how grief counseling can help in the wake of a loved one’s passing:

  • Finding acceptance

Since losing a loved one is such an Earth-shattering event, it can often change the way we think about the world. For many of us, it’s difficult to accept that someone is really gone—a part of us may be expecting our loved one to come home at any time. With grief counseling , you can more easily accept the death of a loved one and discover what it means to live in a world without that person.

  • Confronting your feelings

Death always brings about a complex range of emotions within each of us. Whether you’re sad that you never got to say goodbye to a loved one or mad at yourself for being unable to save him or her, grief counseling can be a step in the right direction. Though your first instinct may be to keep these emotions to yourself, you’ll find that confronting and accepting them is far more liberating.

  • Moving on

Finally, grief counseling can help you realize that though your loved one’s life is over, but yours is not. You may never be completely “over” the death of a loved one, but grief counseling can help you move on and enjoy your remaining years on Earth.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one in the Oakland area, you should contact Chapel of the Chimes . In addition to helping you find closure with an appropriate memorial service, we’ll make sure that you receive the grief counseling you need. For more information, call us today at (510) 992-6709.