Chapel of the Chimes: A Beautiful Place to Reside

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Choosing a place for your loved one to reside after death can be an emotional challenge. At Chapel of the Chimes, we provide a wide array of funeral, burial, and cremation options so that you can choose what is right for your family. Our facilities extend over one and a half blocks, and our buildings are considered to be some of California’s most beautiful and historic due to their gothic, romantic décor.

Cremation Chapel of the Chimes is the most desired cremation facility in the Bay area. Our original structure contained the first electric crematorium in the world. Since then, our columbarium—a location dedicated to the placement and memorialization of cremated remains—has expanded to include both indoor and weather-resistant outdoor niches. We offer placements for a single urn, couples, or entire families. Choosing cremation does not limit your funeral service options—we offer memorial services either before or after the cremation.

Entombment Our mausoleums, which were added by architect Aaron Green in 1959, make Chapel of the Chimes one of the most comprehensive end-of-life services providers. The mausoleum additions to the original columbarium structure allows for the above-ground entombment of casketed remains.

Traditional Burial In addition to entombment and cremation services, Chapel of the Chimes also provides traditional, in-ground burial services. You may pick the location, custom headstone, and service options for your loved one.

Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland was founded in 1909 and has strived to provide the most comprehensive end-of-life services for our customers ever since. Our buildings and grounds are praised for their design and beauty. We also offer pre-planning services, and we can discuss all of your options with you to help you make the right decision. Call us today at (510) 654-0123 to find out more.