A Look at Your Cremation Memorialization Options

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Unless you are highly familiar with cremation practices throughout the country, you may assume that a traditional urn is the only choice for the storage of a loved one’s cremated remains. While a traditional urn is an appropriate choice for many families, there are several cremation memorialization options that provide families with the opportunity to honor a loved one in a more personalized way.

Glass-Front Niches Inexpensive and 100% customizable, a glass-front niche allows you to honor the memory of a loved one by displaying a photograph or a trinket that reminds you of him or her. Various urn types fit inside of these glass-front niches.

Natural Stone Niches In place of glass, you can choose a columbarium niche with a granite or marble front. These niches are durable and can be purchased for indoor or outdoor cremation memorialization.

Cremorials Cremorials can be purchased for those who would like to store their loved one’s remains under the earth. Choose between several beautiful garden cremorial options, some of which feature fountains.

Cremation Benches When you elect to honor your loved one’s memory with a cremation bench, your loved one can serve as your figurative rock as you sit on the bench and reflect on the time you spent together.

Fully Customized Monuments If you want to honor your loved one with a one-of-a-kind cremation memorial, you can work with a design team to create any type of memorial. Choose from a variety of materials, including bronze, wood, and stone. Express any ideas you have with the memorial design team, and watch as the sail boat, golf bag, or baseball bat you envisioned becomes a physical reality.

At Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, our cremation memorial design team works closely with families to create the perfect memorial for their loved ones. No matter what your budget looks like, we can create the perfect cremation memorial. To speak with a member of our caring and dedicated team about any of our funeral planning and cremation services, call us at (510) 654-0123.