Deciding Whether Cremation Is Right for Your Family

In recent years, cremation has become increasingly popular among families across the country. There are many reasons for the shift away from conventional burial. For one, cremation tends to be less expensive. Cremation also provides families a higher degree of flexibility; once placed in an urn, a loved one’s ashes can be memorialized in a number of ways. Determining whether cremation is right for your family is a different issue, however. Before making a decision, you must first determine if cremation is what the deceased would have wanted. You should also determine whether cremation will allow for the kind of ceremony you and your family would like to have.

Funeral Urn with Rose

Understanding the options afforded to your family by cremation is the first step to determining whether it is the right choice for your loved one’s remains. If you want to learn more about what cremation involves , call Chapel of the Chimes Oakland at (510) 654-0123.