Exploring Myths Associated with Grief and Loss

The process of grieving a loved one is often difficult to comprehend for those who have never experienced the same loss. As such, there are many misconceptions surrounding the grieving process.

Grief is natural part of the mourning process, and while it is often intensely painful, it is not necessarily a negative emotion. Rather than an obstacle, grief is merely something that needs to be experienced—it’s not necessary to “deal with” or “get over” grief so much as it is to work through it and grow from it.

Although grief is often broken down into stages (i.e. denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance), not everyone expresses grief or deals with it in the same way; some may rely on the support of those around them, while others may take up a new hobby and stay solitary. Recovery varies depending on the individual, so it is important not to impose your time constraints on the victims or to criticize their grieving process.

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