A Roadmap to Dealing with the Loss of a Sibling

Couple at a Funeral

While the relationship one has with a sibling varies from person to person and family to family, the majority of sibling relationships are incredibly special and unique. No matter your sibling’s age at the time of his or her passing and funeral and the number of years you’ve shared together, you are likely to feel that a piece of your childhood and perhaps even the person you are today is missing with your sibling gone. Everyone grieves differently, but these tips should help you.

Processing Your Loss

When growing up, thoughts of having to say goodbye to a brother or sister someday rarely cross one’s mind. As we age, this may change; but that does not necessarily make the reality of a sibling’s death any easier to face. Coming to terms with the loss of a brother or sister is a process, and accepting it may take a long time. Remember this as you cope with strong emotions that may feel foreign to you, reminding yourself that your grieving process is your own and that what you are experiencing and feeling is natural.

Dealing with Your Sibling’s Family

If your sibling built a family of his or her own, this will be a tough time for them as well. You will likely have many interactions with them in the wake of your sibling’s passing, interactions that may or may not help you cope. During this difficult time, try to respect your sibling’s family and their feelings, as well as your own.

Finding the Support You Need

Coping with the loss of your sibling may not be something you can do entirely on your own. Embrace the support of family and friends , and seek out grief support services and professional guidance if the support of your loved ones is not enough for you during your time of need.

At Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, we seek to help all those who use our services find the support they need when grieving their loved ones. We understand the gravity of your situation and the importance of finding comfort in the wake of your loss. To speak with a compassionate and dedicated funeral services provider about our grief support services, call (510) 654-0123.