Choices for Memorializing Your Cremated Loved One


Many families have chosen cremation as the preferred method of laying their loved ones to rest. Cremation services offer great flexibility; your loved one can be memorialized in a number of ways in accordance with his or her personality and your family’s wishes. Many memorial options offer a permanent location for family members to visit and reflect quietly or to share their beloved memories of those that have passed on.

In-Ground Burial

Cremation does not preclude the possibility of an in-ground burial. Cremation with an in-ground burial to follow may be particularly ideal in cases in which the loved one did not specify his or her wishes as to a preference for cremation or burial. In these cases, family members may be unsure of which option to choose. A cremation with an in-ground burial to follow , including a headstone, combines both of these options and provides a permanent gathering place for family members.

Memorial Tribute

Some families choose cremation with a permanent memorialization. This permanent location may be adapted to the preferences of the family in a number of different ways. The urn may be committed to an indoor mausoleum or a private family estate. A memorial stone at the cemetery may be inscribed with the loved one’s name, dates of birth and death, and a loving statement.

Scattering Ceremony

Your family might choose to place the remains in sharing urns to enable each family member to keep the loved one close. A portion of the remains may then be released in a scattering ceremony, to be held in a place that held special meaning for the loved one.

Jewelry Application

Your funeral home may offer cremation jewelry. These tasteful pieces are designed to hold a small portion of your loved one’s remains in a sealed chamber. With this type of cremation memorial, you can always feel connected to your lost loved one.

The professionals of Chapel of the Chimes are here to help you personalize your loved one’s final arrangements. We offer a wide array of customized cremation memorialization options; you could even choose to honor your loved one by inscribing his or her name and favorite saying on a tree plaque. Families in the Oakland area are encouraged to explore funeral and cremation options by calling (510) 654-0123.