Tips for Proper Behavior at a Funeral

Flowers on a coffin

If you have never attended a funeral before, you may feel anxious about attending your first funeral service. For starters, find out the dress code from the family of the deceased. If there is no dress code, dress conservatively and avoid bright colors. A small gift is also encouraged, whether it is in the form of flowers to the bereaved survivors or a donation to charity in the name of the deceased. Don’t be afraid to laugh, and don’t feel you have to stay during the entirety of the funeral service. If you have small children, do not allow them to become a disturbance. If you are afraid your children may cause a scene, leave them with a sitter.

Chapel of the Chimes can help you navigate the funeral process. We can even help you pre-plan your own funeral to take the burden off of your friends and family. To learn more about our funeral services in Oakland , visit our website or call us at (510) 654-0123.