A Look at the Toll Grief Takes on Your Health

Crying woman

The loss of a loved one can affect every aspect of life, including physical wellness. Just as grief can set into motion feelings of sadness and anger, so too can it impact the way people eat and sleep. If you have recently experienced the passing of a friend or family member, keep in mind these common side effects of the mourning process . In cases where your symptoms do not alleviate with time, you may want to seek help from a grief specialist.


The emotional strain of grief can deplete your energy reserves. As a result, you may feel excessively tired in the days and weeks ensuing the loss of a loved one. Just as with any other medical condition, it is important to address fatigue with helpful lifestyle habits. For instance, eating a nutritious diet and engaging in physical activity can help in preserving energy. Getting adequate sleep each night can also offset the fatigue complications that can accompany the mourning process.


Some individuals find that they have a more difficult time sleeping when experiencing the loss of a friend or family member. In turn, a lack of sleep can aggravate the fatigue from which grieving individuals might already be suffering. Insomnia can also lead to feelings of anxiety or depression, which can increase the challenge of getting enough rest each night. When insomnia persists for more than a few days, it can even cause serious cardiovascular problems. Seeking medical assistance for this problem is essential to long-term health.


To have enough energy, you must eat appropriate foods that provide vitamins and minerals for your body. However, some people lose interest in eating in response to a loved one’s passing. If you find that you are not as hungry as you once were during normal mealtimes, you might become chronically tired. To keep your energy reserves high, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. You might also want to speak with a professional who deals with grief-related health concerns.

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