How to Arrange a Military Funeral

If your lost loved one served the country in the military, honoring him or her with a military funeral can be a fitting final tribute. When choosing a funeral home, be sure to select one that offers military funerals and understands the process. With the support of the funeral home, there are some steps to take to ensure that all requirements are met. Here is a look at the things you will need to do in the course of planning a military funeral. 

How to Arrange a Military Funeral - Chapel of the Chimes Oakland

Arrange for Military Honors

Having an honor guard at the funeral of your lost loved one is an important part of planning a military funeral. The honor guard should be from the branch of the military in which your loved one served. Start by contacting the honor guard representative for that branch for advice. Veterans groups, such as the American Legion, can also help make arrangements for military honors.

Request Appropriate Memorial Items

There are a number of memorial items that veterans are eligible for, but they must be requested. Military headstones and markers are available through the VA, as are request forms for Presidential Memorial Certificates. You can also place a request for a burial flag. In many cases, the funeral home can help you complete the necessary paperwork for these requests in time for the funeral.

Seek Funeral Reimbursement

Reimbursement for some or all funeral costs is available for veterans. Unless you have chosen to have your loved one buried at a military cemetery, you will need to apply for this funding and submit proof of your expenses and proof that they have been paid in full. This is another area in which the funeral home can help.

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