A Guide to Arranging Funeral Services

Funeral Planning Services Oakland

When the loss of a loved one occurs, arranging a funeral service can seem daunting. There are many decisions you will have to consider. Working with a trusted funeral home in Oakland can help you sort through all of your options. Having the proper information and know-how ahead of time can help to make funeral planning an easier process to go through. Read on to learn about how to arrange a funeral service.

Burial Method
Each individual and family has a unique preference about the internment method. The first step to arranging a funeral is deciding whether the deceased will be cremated, entombed, or buried. If the decision to be cremated is chosen, it is a good idea to consider what will be done with the cremains. In some cases, they are buried or entombed, while other times, they are scatted at a location that has meaning to the family or the deceased. Cost can be a deciding factor when considering burial methods , but it is important to also remember the deceased’s personal preference.

Ceremony Type
Once the burial method has been chosen, it is pertinent to think about how you and your family would like the ceremony to go. At this time, you will decide whether to have an open viewing of the casket or a memorial service in honor of your loved one. Deciding where to hold the ceremony is crucial to planning the rest of the funeral. Oftentimes, the ceremony is held at a family member’s home, a funeral home, at the graveside, or at a religious institution. Once you know where the funeral or memorial service will be held, deciding who will take part in the ceremony and adding your personal touches to pay tribute to your loved one will be simpler.

If you have decided that cremation is the best burial method for your loved one, call Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 654-0123. We have been serving the Bay Area as a columbarium and crematorium since 1909. We also have a cemetery and offer funeral planning services.