A Guide to Writing a Eulogy

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A eulogy is a speech, usually given at a funeral, to memorialize a deceased loved one. The best eulogies are not based on how well they are written, but instead are heartfelt and capture the spirit of the deceased. When planning a funeral or memorial service, a funeral home director can help you determine who will deliver a eulogy during the service.

If you have been asked to deliver a eulogy, you should consider what type of tone you want the eulogy to have before writing it. Some people opt to be more serious, while others have a more lighthearted approach with a touch of humor. There is no right or wrong tone for a eulogy, but it is important that it is appropriate. You should take into consideration the audience for the eulogy when determining what is appropriate to say. Begin by introducing yourself and offer a few basics about the deceased. Tell specific stories about the deceased, but be sure to keep your eulogy brief and well-organized.

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