What to Include in a Eulogy

Before departing the funeral home to go to the memorial park, it is likely that one or more mourners will give a eulogy in the decedent’s honor. If you have been asked to give a eulogy, it’s best to be prepared with an outline of your thoughts. Eulogies do not need to encompass the entirety of the person’s life. Rather, they are brief discussions of one or two important aspects of the individual’s life. If you are not a family member, you might discuss how you first met the decedent and the way in which he or she touched your life. If you are a family member, consider talking about the special bond that you and the decedent shared.

When preparing your eulogy, try to identify one or two characteristics of the decedent to focus on. You might discuss the decedent’s tireless work with local charities, for example, or his or her devotion to family. It is acceptable to include a humorous story about the decedent if you feel the story is appropriate.

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