Preparing for the Reception

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Following the loss of a loved one, you may find yourself facing several difficult decisions as you make arrangements and alert friends and family to the person’s passing. If you are planning to have a reception following the deceased’s cremation or funeral service, then consider the following when preparing for the event:

Number of Attendees
The first step in planning a funeral reception is to determine how many people you expect. If the number is more than your home can handle comfortably or if you are not located near the funeral location, then consider renting a space for the reception or making restaurant reservations. Doing so can help ensure that you have plenty of space and can leave you with less cleanup afterward, which can be important during this difficult time.

Assistance from Others
If possible, reach out to friends and family while you are preparing for a funeral reception. Place one person in charge of choosing a location, such as someone’s home, a church, or a restaurant. Then, place another person in charge of making and receiving any phone calls from and to friends and family of the deceased to help spread the word about where and when the reception will be held. Doing this will help free up some of your time for making additional funeral arrangements.

Food and Drink
If you are handling most of the arrangements on your own, then opting for catering services can be a smart decision. Preparing for a reception can involve a lot of planning and, while you are grieving, can be particularly difficult. For these reasons, arranging for catering or asking everyone to bring a dish or drink is a good way to have plenty of food and refreshments at the reception.

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