Spotlight on Baika Pratt-Heaton, Volunteer Services Manager

Hospice Care Month Oakland In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, Chapel of the Chimes Oakland wishes to acknowledge Baika Pratt-Heaton for her accomplishments. Baika is the Volunteer Services Manager of Kaiser Oakland Hospice and has worked in the hospice profession for 18 years.

Baika says that her greatest challenge is staying present for family dynamics. It takes personal strength and awareness to be present for every concern and to stay respectful and compassionate. She says that she strives to refrain from forming judgments and to start fresh with every family.

Baika became interested in the field of hospice care, because she realized that when people care for those who are gravely ill, they become their “deeper selves”, meaning that they develop honest connections and compassion for one another. She continues to stay motivated by the needs of others. She truly enjoys a life of service.

When asked what advice she would give someone considering hospice, Baika says that “hospice is about life”. Although hospice is normally used for the end of someone’s life, it brings comfort and care to their life, showing that all stages of life are valuable.

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