Examining Your Cremation Options

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The reasons for cremation are numerous. Some individuals prefer it for conservation or economical considerations. Others do it as a matter of family tradition. Chapel of the Chimes makes it a priority to honor the wishes of all those who employ our funeral services, which is why we provide the following cremation options that can cater to your wishes.

Non-Ceremonial Cremation Many people prefer cremation for its simplicity. If you would prefer not to have a ceremonial service after your passing, you can request cremation without a ceremony. Our funeral home will adhere to your wishes and bestow your ashes to the individual or location that you designate ahead of time.

Cremation Prior to a Ceremonial Service Some people wish to have a ceremonial service where their friends and family can come together to celebrate their life after passing. However, they may not wish for their loved ones to experience an open casket service. For this reason, we offer cremation prior to funeral services. After cremation, your ashes will be held at the site of your ceremonial service. Once the ceremony is over, your loved ones take possession of the ashes. They may then choose to honor your life through the scattering of your ashes, internment in a specially selected memorialization location, or burial.

Cremation After a Ceremonial Service You may wish to give your friends and family the chance to celebrate your life with a traditional casket viewing, then undergo cremation once the ceremony is over. Our funeral home can accommodate your needs by providing a temporary casket for visitation and cremation services. As with cremation prior to a ceremonial service, your ashes will be placed in the possession of a designated loved one.

Chapel of the Chimes Oakland can provide you and your loved ones with funeral services that beautifully honor your life and final wishes. To learn more about our many cremation and burial options, call (510) 654-0123 or visit our website .