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    When one of your loved ones passes away, there will be many funeral homes willing to help you plan a wake and burial services. You need a funeral home in Oakland that is prepared to do whatever it takes to create a personalized funeral that will help your friends and family pay tribute to your loved one.

    Watch this video to see why Chapel of the Chimes Oakland is one of the best funeral homes in the area. From planning out every single aspect of your funeral service to providing you with grief support, we will see to it that you are satisfied with the way the funeral turns out.

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  • Essential Elements of an Obituary

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    Planning ahead is one of the best ways to take on writing an obituary. Many people become understandably emotional during this time. It is always acceptable to ask your funeral homes of choice for advice and guidance. Obituaries are essential for spreading the word that someone has passed away and allowing others to pay their respects during funeral services. Keep reading to find out why you should include important family members, major life accomplishments, and significant events and dates in the life of the deceased.

    Death Announcement
    The first part of an obituary involves a death announcement with the name of the deceased, the funeral home where funeral services will be held, and any other essential details. You should also include the age and place of residence of the deceased. If you feel comfortable, you can include the cause of death. However, never feel obligated to disclose anything you prefer not to share.

    Biographical Sketch
    When you write an obituary , include the deceased’s place of birth, parents’ names, date and place of marriage, and birth name of spouse. While these personal details provide basic knowledge, a more detailed account of your loved one’s life should also be included. Many people include education, work, and military service, as well as any philanthropic work.

    Important Family
    Funeral services are for the living, and so are obituaries. Family members can be hurt if they are forgotten in an obituary, so planning ahead is key. Begin with survivors first, starting with the closest relations, including spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings.

    For advice on funeral pre-planning and funeral planning , contact Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. Our funeral home in Oakland has been providing California families with end-of-life services for over 100 years. We are proud to be a leading funeral and cremation services provider, and we are dedicated to using our rich history and experience to help you celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. Learn more or arrange a tour of our mausoleum and cemetery by calling (510) 654-0123 today.

  • Choosing What to Read at a Funeral

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    Planning a funeral ceremony near Oakland can be daunting. Fortunately, funeral homes often offer a wide variety of services designed to streamline the process of planning a funeral, so you can focus on celebrating the life of your lost loved one.

    Whether you are charged with arranging a funeral or just beginning funeral pre-planning for yourself, selecting what to read is extremely important. While most Catholic funerals involve Biblical passages and Jewish funerals offer readings from the Torah, individuals of other faiths are not always certain what to pick. If you are planning for yourself, be sure to pick something meaningful to you. Peruse your favorite authors and poets, or consider incorporating lyrics of a favorite song.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, our experienced and attentive funeral services providers can meet all your funeral pre-planning needs. We also offer grief counseling services to the community, free of charge. Call us at (510) 654-0123 today.

  • What to Know About Funeral Pre-Planning

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    Today, more and more people are calling funeral homes to secure information about how they can pre-plan their funerals. Planning ahead for a funeral is one of the best ways to ensure your wishes are exactly fulfilled when you pass on. Pre-planning can also save your surviving loved ones a great deal of stress and anxiety when you pass on. Keep reading for helpful pointers on how to pre-plan funeral services.

    Important Choices
    When you pre-plan a funeral, your first decision should be whether you prefer burial or cremation. In Jewish funerals, burial is required. However, many people of other faiths feel strongly about their final resting places. You have many options when it comes to cremation and burial. For example, it is important to select your urn and crematorium of choice. If you choose burial, you should pick a burial plot or resting spot in a mausoleum.

    Personalized Touches
    One of the biggest benefits of planning ahead is that it allows you to completely customize your funeral. Many people have special music that they would like to play, while others select particularly meaningful poems or readings. Another touch is to incorporate pictures of you with your loved ones.

    Advanced Payment
    When it comes to planning ahead for a funeral, almost everyone opts to pay for some or all of the products and services ahead of time. When you pay in advance, your loved ones will have much less of a financial burden. Rather than worrying about bills, they will be able to focus on celebrating your life knowing they honored your last wishes. When you do pay in advance for funeral services, make sure to secure detailed paperwork so you have a record. You may also want to look into funeral insurance to defray some of the cost.

    Chapel of the Chimes Oakland is a full-service funeral home and one of the most beautiful historic sites in California. If you are interested in planning ahead, call our funeral home at (510) 654-0123 today. We are proud to offer Jewish funerals and Catholic funerals, and are here to help with funeral planning in Oakland.