What’s the Difference Between a Eulogy and an Obituary?

Rose on the tombstone

Because both eulogies and obituaries are written for loved ones following their passing, the distinction between the two is understandably not clear to many. There are, however, a number of noteworthy differences between the two.

An obituary is essentially a mini-biography that is written for a newspaper or other publication to announce a person’s death and inform a community of any public funeral or memorial services that will be held in that person’s honor. Obituaries are generally no longer than a paragraph or two.

A eulogy, on the other hand, is a written speech that is delivered at a funeral service. Eulogies are typically lengthier and more personal than obituaries, as they are intended to share memories of a loved one that other family members and friends at the service are able to relate to.

In addition to writing an obituary and eulogy for a loved one who has just passed away, you will have to make funeral arrangements in the days following the death. To work with a caring, dedicated, and experienced funeral services provider in the East Bay , call Chapel of the Chimes Oakland at (510) 654-0123.