• When Should You Scatter Ashes?

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    Everybody grieves differently. Planning a funeral can be an emotionally tiring experience, but you don’t have to scatter any ashes immediately after a cremation. Instead, wait until the time is right and devise the perfect plan for scattering the ashes of a loved one. Keep reading if you are wondering when you should scatter the ashes of a deceased friend or family member.

    The right time to scatter ashes depends on a multitude of factors. However, there are a few elements to keep in mind when deciding on the appropriate time. As is the case with traditional burials and funeral services, people will have the opportunity to visit their lost loved ones and pay their respects after a cremation. Since the departed may have loved ones all over the country—or even the world—it is possible that not everyone can make it to the funeral services. Before you scatter the ashes of your loved one, make sure everyone has had a chance to pay their respects and say their goodbyes.

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  • Explaining Cremation to Children

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    Death can be a difficult concept for children to wrap their minds around, and the aftermath can be just as tricky. If a close family friend or loved one undergoes cremation , your kids might have a slew of questions. Try not to shy away from your kids’ questions, and have funeral services so that they can pay their respects. Continue on for more on the process of explaining cremation to children.

    Learn about cremation.
    Conversations about life and death can be tough, especially when it comes to children. This is why it is important that you learn about cremation yourself before you try to explain it to your kids. Fortunately there are plenty of different ways that you can go about enhancing your knowledge of cremation; you can find resources online, talk to people you know who have had loved ones cremated, or even visit Chapel of the Chimes Oakland to learn everything you want to know about this option.

    Engage your child’s curiosity.
    There are countless things that spark children’s curiosity, and the last thing you want to do is shut them down. It is perfectly natural to wonder what is happening when a loved one passes away, and children are not the only ones who feel this way. If your child has questions, you should do your best to answer them. Never ignore your children’s curiosities and concerns when it comes to death, especially regarding someone close.

    Have a memorial service.
    Cremation can be a difficult concept to understand for kids. In some cases you can make this easier by having a traditional memorial or funeral service. This will give your kids a chance to pay their respects, and it might give them the closure they need to help them get over their loss. The specific type of memorial service you hold is up to you, but the right one can be helpful for your kids.

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  • Cremation and the Environment

    Many people are now choosing cremation services at funeral homes and crematoriums , rather than burial in a cemetery. One of the primary reasons that people opt for cremation when funeral planning or planning ahead for their own funeral services is that cremation is such an environmentally friendly option. Here is a look at just some of the ways that cremation is eco-friendly.

    Doesn’t Require Land Use for a Burial Plot

    Traditional burial services require a burial plot in a cemetery. This means that more and more natural land is being used for cemeteries and burial plots, rather than preserved. When you choose cremation, you do not have to take up valuable, natural land for a burial plot. Instead, cremated remains can be scattered, kept by loved ones as a memorial, or entombed in a columbarium.

    Doesn’t Necessitate Embalming

    The process of embalming a body prior to a funeral service or burial service requires the use of toxic chemicals. As a body decomposes in its burial plot, these chemicals seep into the ground, harming the earth and any nearby water sources. A body doesn’t need to be embalmed prior to cremation. You can still hold a funeral ceremony or memorial before or after cremation, and simply not have the body present for viewing. This eliminates the need for dangerous and harmful embalming chemicals.

    Uses Fewer Resources and Less Energy

    Before being placed in a burial plot at a cemetery, a body must be enclosed in a casket. The manufacturing of caskets and the preparation of the body for burial both consume a lot of energy and resources, thus taxing the earth. Far fewer resources are needed for cremation services, and the family doesn’t have to buy a casket.

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  • What Are Your Options for Burying Cremated Remains?

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    If you are considering cremation services for your deceased loved one, you may be wondering what options you have for burying the ashes. The most popular options for burying cremated remains include columbarium, urn garden, and plot burials.

    Columbarium Interment
    A columbarium is a building or vault made specifically for holding cremated remains in urns. These buildings are above ground and usually consist of many small niches for housing individual urns. If you choose columbarium interment for burying cremated remains, a plaque identifying the deceased will be added to the outside of the niche once the urn is in place.

    Urn Garden Burial
    It’s common for cemeteries to have an area dedicated to urn gardens. Urn gardens are specifically for the burial of urns, and are sometimes small, landscaped areas in the cemetery. Urn gardens can also be very elaborately designed, and still others offer options for burying urns in parts of the hardscaping such as fountains, rocks, and benches.

    Plot Burial
    Urns of cremated remains can also be buried in a grave plot and, because they a smaller than a coffin, many cemeteries will allow more than one urn to be buried in a single plot. If you decide to bury the cremated remains in a plot, most cemeteries will require the use of an urn vault. An urn vault’s purpose is to support the soil around the urn, and to prevent the soil above from collapsing. If you are uninterested in purchasing an urn vault, you might consider seeking out a green burial ground, which are burial locations that do not require the use of grave liners or urn vaults.

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  • Making the Choice Between Burial and Cremation

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    Funeral pre-planning is a comfort to families in their time of grief, because they can take solace in carrying out their loved one’s last wishes. Flower arrangements and location are two of the many details that must be considered, but they carry less weight than the decision of whether to be buried or cremated. As you or a loved one considers funeral services, keep in mind the differences between burial and cremation , and which fits best with your own beliefs and practices.

    A burial many times follows a service in a funeral home, or at a church or the cemetery. While burial is generally more expensive, some clients prefer it because the body remains intact. Burial can occur immediately after death, after the funeral service, or before a memorial service. The body will be either entombed in a mausoleum or buried in the ground. The added costs of burial come from purchasing a plot and headstone, in addition to a casket and burial vault or grave liner.

    During the process of cremation, the body is burned until it turns to ash. Choosing this option does not preclude you from holding a traditional funeral service or a memorial service, as the body can be cremated immediately following death or after a remembrance. Many individuals choose to hold a service where the cremains are dispersed in a place that held special significance during their lifetime. Other options include burial in the ground, allowing the family to keep the remains or entombing them in a columbarium. Because fewer costs are tied to interring the cremated remains, this is a significantly less expensive option than burial.

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  • What to Do After a Death

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    When a death occurs, it can be a trying time for your family and friends. Whether the death was expected after a long illness or more sudden, there are a number of things that must be done soon after the deceased passes. In addition to planning a funeral , other details such as deciding between cremation and burial and writing an obituary must also be considered. Since a death can happen at any time, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about what you should do after someone passes away. Read on to learn what steps you should take after a death.

    Notify the Authorities
    Once a death happens, you must let the proper authorities know so that the death certification process can begin. Death certification is done by either a doctor or a coroner, along with a funeral director. You’ll need multiple copies of the death certificate to put all of the deceased’s affairs in order, including the estate and insurance. A funeral director will need to claim the body for it to be buried or cremated, so it’s often a good idea to have a funeral home in mind before a death occurs.

    Work with Others
    In most cases, the deceased’s body must be removed within a few hours after death. That’s why you’ll need to work with a funeral director to make sure that the body is transported properly and the remains are stored. As you speak with the funeral director, you’ll discuss the deceased’s wishes as to whether he wanted traditional burial or cremation. If the deceased didn’t leave instructions, it may be up to you or your family to decide what to do with the body.

    Plan a Service
    After a death, you will have to decide what type of service to hold. A funeral takes place before the body is buried, while a memorial service takes place after the body has already been cremated or buried. You can choose to hold a service at a funeral home, a place of worship, or even the cemetery.

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  • Memorialization Options for Cremated Remains

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    Death is a natural part of life, but it can still be a difficult and overwhelming experience when someone you care about passes away. In some cases, a person may leave instructions with what to do after they pass away, including specifying the desire for cremation or burial. A funeral home can help you carry out your loved one’s wishes, including offering cremation services. If cremation is the choice of your loved one, you’ll have a few different options for how to memorialize their remains. Read on to learn what you can do to create a lasting memorial for cremated remains.

    Once you have the deceased’s remains in an urn, you have a choice of where to place this container. Some people choose to keep an urn in their homes, while others may place it in a columbarium. A columbarium is a room or structure with individual niches where cremated remains are placed. Opting for a columbarium has a few distinct advantages, including the fact that it is a place that anyone can visit to pay their respects. Since it is a permanent memorial, future generations may also visit a columbarium to honor their ancestors and get a sense of their personal history.

    Even if your loved one chooses cremation, they can still be committed to the ground. Cremation remains can be buried in a cremation plot or a regular plot, and may be able to be placed in the burial plot of a family member. Like a columbarium, burial provides a permanent resting place for your loved one’s remains and more people will be able to visit the site.

    A cremation bench, memorial rock, or grave marker with a repository can be used to memorialize your loved one’s remains. These memorials can be placed in a cemetery, though some families choose to have them placed on their own property.

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  • The Process of Arranging for a Cremation

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    Whether you are making the end-of-life arrangements for a loved one or funeral pre-planning for yourself, there are a number of decisions you need to make. Many people choose cremation for a number of reasons, including religion, environmental causes, and simplifying the funeral process. Once you have made the decision to have remains cremated, there are many things to keep in mind about the process. Continue reading for an overview of what you should know about making arrangements for cremation.

    Covering the Logistics
    The first step to arrange a cremation is to meet with the funeral home and discuss your individual cremation plan . Be sure to bring all necessary details to this meeting, including Social Security information. The funeral home will help you arrange for transportation of the body. They will also assist in obtaining the official death certificate, writing the obituary, and gathering any other paperwork that is necessary. You will then sign the authorization allowing for the cremation.

    Picking the Type of Cremation
    Generally, there are three types of cremation services. There is a traditional cremation with a visitation ceremony; with this ceremony, loved ones are able to view the deceased in a casket prior to cremation. A ceremonial cremation offers a ceremony that is held following the cremation, and there is no viewing. For a non-ceremonial cremation, the deceased is cremated and the remains are given directly to a designated person.

    Choosing Post-Cremation Options
    After you make cremation arrangements, you will select a cremation urn, or some other container to hold the remains of the deceased. There are many options for what to do with the remains. Some individuals bury the ashes in a cemetery and select a grave marker. Some may scatter the ashes at a place that was important to the deceased. Others may choose to keep the ashes in an urn in their home.

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  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cremation Urn

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    If you have recently lost a loved one and chose cremation in Oakland for his or her final arrangements, you will need to choose an urn for the ashes. Choosing the right urn can be a stressful process for individuals, as they want to honor their loved one in a way that seems fitting. To help you choose the right urn for your passed loved one, here are some factors to consider.

    Before you can consider how you want to memorialize your loved one, functionality needs to be considered. If you are planning on placing the urn in a crematorium in the Oakland area, speaking with a funeral director can help you to determine the correct size for their location.

    Memorialization of your loved one should be considered when choosing an urn. It is also important to consider where you are planning to place the urn. If you plan to place the urn in a family member’s home, or your own home, there may be some compromises to make during this process. Choosing an urn that can honor your loved one while also honoring your taste is important if an urn is going to be placed in a home.

    The cremains of your loved one will be placed inside the urn, so choosing the right quality material for the urn is important. Even more so, choosing the right material for the location where you will store the urn should be considered. For instance, wood urns should not be placed outdoors, while copper urns are not ideal for burial. Depending on your loved one’s interests and passions in life, considering sustainable urn materials may also be a good idea.

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  • Arranging a Cremation

    When your family has made the decision to have a cremation in Oakland, it is important to understand how to arrange for this. Watch this video so you and your family can learn what to expect when arranging a cremation.

    In order to start the cremation service process, you will need to register the death of your loved one with the registrar. Also, contact a funeral director after the death so he or she can help arrange the cremation. You are welcome to go to the funeral home to discuss the ceremony you would like to have. Cremation can take place before or after the memorial ceremony. It is up to you and your family to decide where to place the cremains.

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