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    When one of your loved ones passes away, there will be many funeral homes willing to help you plan a wake and burial services. You need a funeral home in Oakland that is prepared to do whatever it takes to create a personalized funeral that will help your friends and family pay tribute to your loved one.

    Watch this video to see why Chapel of the Chimes Oakland is one of the best funeral homes in the area. From planning out every single aspect of your funeral service to providing you with grief support, we will see to it that you are satisfied with the way the funeral turns out.

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  • How to Plan a Graveside Service

    Funeral pre-planning and funeral planning in Oakland often involve planning a graveside service. A graveside service involves many elements, which is why planning ahead is key.

    When you map out a graveside service, the first thing to consider is what kind of cemetery you prefer. One key thing to think about is how much space the cemetery provides around the burial plot. You will want to make sure there is enough room for chairs for everyone who wants to attend the funeral services.

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  • Making the Choice Between Burial and Cremation

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    Funeral pre-planning is a comfort to families in their time of grief, because they can take solace in carrying out their loved one’s last wishes. Flower arrangements and location are two of the many details that must be considered, but they carry less weight than the decision of whether to be buried or cremated. As you or a loved one considers funeral services, keep in mind the differences between burial and cremation , and which fits best with your own beliefs and practices.

    A burial many times follows a service in a funeral home, or at a church or the cemetery. While burial is generally more expensive, some clients prefer it because the body remains intact. Burial can occur immediately after death, after the funeral service, or before a memorial service. The body will be either entombed in a mausoleum or buried in the ground. The added costs of burial come from purchasing a plot and headstone, in addition to a casket and burial vault or grave liner.

    During the process of cremation, the body is burned until it turns to ash. Choosing this option does not preclude you from holding a traditional funeral service or a memorial service, as the body can be cremated immediately following death or after a remembrance. Many individuals choose to hold a service where the cremains are dispersed in a place that held special significance during their lifetime. Other options include burial in the ground, allowing the family to keep the remains or entombing them in a columbarium. Because fewer costs are tied to interring the cremated remains, this is a significantly less expensive option than burial.

    If you need help with the funeral pre-planning process near Oakland, contact Chapel of the Chimes Oakland at (510) 654-0123. Whether the arrangements are for yourself or a loved one, we offer compassionate advice to help guide you through making the right decisions during a difficult time.

  • What to Do After a Death

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    When a death occurs, it can be a trying time for your family and friends. Whether the death was expected after a long illness or more sudden, there are a number of things that must be done soon after the deceased passes. In addition to planning a funeral , other details such as deciding between cremation and burial and writing an obituary must also be considered. Since a death can happen at any time, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about what you should do after someone passes away. Read on to learn what steps you should take after a death.

    Notify the Authorities
    Once a death happens, you must let the proper authorities know so that the death certification process can begin. Death certification is done by either a doctor or a coroner, along with a funeral director. You’ll need multiple copies of the death certificate to put all of the deceased’s affairs in order, including the estate and insurance. A funeral director will need to claim the body for it to be buried or cremated, so it’s often a good idea to have a funeral home in mind before a death occurs.

    Work with Others
    In most cases, the deceased’s body must be removed within a few hours after death. That’s why you’ll need to work with a funeral director to make sure that the body is transported properly and the remains are stored. As you speak with the funeral director, you’ll discuss the deceased’s wishes as to whether he wanted traditional burial or cremation. If the deceased didn’t leave instructions, it may be up to you or your family to decide what to do with the body.

    Plan a Service
    After a death, you will have to decide what type of service to hold. A funeral takes place before the body is buried, while a memorial service takes place after the body has already been cremated or buried. You can choose to hold a service at a funeral home, a place of worship, or even the cemetery.

    When someone you care about passes away, let Chapel of the Chimes Oakland guide you through the funeral and memorialization process. Contact us at (510) 654-0123 to learn more about how we can help you and your family with funeral pre-planning near Oakland. We offer caring, compassionate service to help ease the burden during a challenging time.

  • Reasons to Consider Mausoleum Entombment

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    Though death is a topic that many people try not to think about, it is a reality that must be addressed at some point. Pre-planning your own funeral can help ease the burden on your friends and family when you pass away, and ensures that your wishes will be followed. When you are funeral pre-planning, you’ll have to decide between burial and cremation. If you choose burial, you’ll then need to choose where you want to be buried. A mausoleum is a building that houses the bodies of the deceased, providing a final resting place that is safe from the elements. Instead of being buried underground, bodies are kept in crypts above ground. This method of entombment has been in use since Ancient Egypt, and is a choice of many people today since it is comparable in cost and also saves land from being used for burial.

    Contact Chapel of the Chimes Oakland at (510) 654-0123 for assistance with pre-planning your funeral, and to discuss your options for mausoleum entombment. We are a full-service cemetery offering memorialization, burial, and cremation services near Oakland for you and the people you care about. Our friendly staff members will help you with all aspects of planning ahead.

  • Memorialization Options for Cremated Remains

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    Death is a natural part of life, but it can still be a difficult and overwhelming experience when someone you care about passes away. In some cases, a person may leave instructions with what to do after they pass away, including specifying the desire for cremation or burial. A funeral home can help you carry out your loved one’s wishes, including offering cremation services. If cremation is the choice of your loved one, you’ll have a few different options for how to memorialize their remains. Read on to learn what you can do to create a lasting memorial for cremated remains.

    Once you have the deceased’s remains in an urn, you have a choice of where to place this container. Some people choose to keep an urn in their homes, while others may place it in a columbarium. A columbarium is a room or structure with individual niches where cremated remains are placed. Opting for a columbarium has a few distinct advantages, including the fact that it is a place that anyone can visit to pay their respects. Since it is a permanent memorial, future generations may also visit a columbarium to honor their ancestors and get a sense of their personal history.

    Even if your loved one chooses cremation, they can still be committed to the ground. Cremation remains can be buried in a cremation plot or a regular plot, and may be able to be placed in the burial plot of a family member. Like a columbarium, burial provides a permanent resting place for your loved one’s remains and more people will be able to visit the site.

    A cremation bench, memorial rock, or grave marker with a repository can be used to memorialize your loved one’s remains. These memorials can be placed in a cemetery, though some families choose to have them placed on their own property.

    Chapel of the Chimes Oakland is a funeral home in Oakland that offers a wide range of funeral services including cremation, pre-planning, and columbarium inurnment. Contact us at (510) 654-0123 to learn more about how we can assist you and your family during this difficult time.

  • What Are the Advantages of Funeral Pre-Planning?

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    Thinking about one’s passing is never easy, and pre-planning a funeral can be difficult to think about, but doing so has many benefits for you and your loved ones. Not only will you ease the stressful planning and financial burden on your loved ones, but you will also get the funeral you want. If you are considering funeral pre-planning near Oakland , continue reading to learn more about the advantages of planning ahead of time.

    Eased Burden for Your Loved Ones
    Leaving your wishes left unknown when you pass can cause stress during an already trying time for your family and close friends. However, when you pre-plan a funeral, you can be sure that your family members know your wishes and that they will not need to worry about making guesses. When you plan your funeral ahead of time, you are really giving your loved ones and yourself a gift—the gift of peace of mind.

    Eased Financial Burden for Your Family
    When you choose to plan your funeral ahead of your passing, you are ensuring that a financial burden is not placed on your loved ones. Being prepared allows you to pay for your funeral arrangement beforehand so your family does not have to bear the financial weight. Funerals can be simple and inexpensive or lavish and cost a bit more. Whether you want a lavish or simple funeral, when you plan it before your passing, you will be able to pay for it yourself. If you choose not to pay for your funeral in advance, you may still be able to secure a low price for your final arrangements.

    Finals Wishes Granted Correctly
    Oftentimes, people already have some idea of how they wish to go out of this world. Pre-planning your funeral is a way to be sure your wishes come true. Working with a funeral director prior to your passing will allow you to make all of the decisions about how your life is remembered and celebrated.

    If you want to take advantage of the benefits that pre-planning your funeral offers, contact Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 654-0123. Our experienced staff can walk you through the pre-planning process so you can have the funeral you want, while easing the financial and emotional burden on your loved ones.

  • Deciding Between Cremation and Burial

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    The choice between cremation and burial is a personal one. Today, many people are choosing cremation for their final arrangements due to the fact that it can be more affordable than other options. Although affordability is something to be considered, there are many other details to think of as well. Funeral pre-planning can help to make sure your cremation or burial wishes come true. With help from a funeral home in Oakland, you can decide how you like to be placed to rest. Read on for some information that will help you choose between cremation and burial.

    A burial places the body of the deceased in a casket, and is the preferred option for many religions. It offers a permanent way to be laid to rest, and can be personalized through the choice of the casket. The cremation process only lasts a few hours, and is often thought to signify reverence for the deceased.

    Choosing cremation can be a smart decision for you and your family economically, as direct cremation is an affordable option when compared to other burial options. Direct cremations do not require embalming or a casket like traditional burials. However, if you choose to have a viewing or funeral with the body before the cremation, the costs may be comparable to those of a traditional burial.

    Both traditional burials and cremation allow for memorial services to take place. A traditional burial allows friends and family to come to the gravesite to pay tribute, both during the memorial service and for decades afterwards. After cremation, the deceased can be memorialized with a traditional service or a ceremony during which the ashes are scattered. The ashes can also be kept in an urn at the family’s home or entombed.

    If you and your family are interested in learning more about cremation , contact Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 654-0123. Since 1909, we have been serving the Bay Area as a crematorium and columbarium. Our expert staff will help you decide on the correct final arrangements for you or your loved one.

  • Deciding Between Cremation and Burial

    One of the biggest decisions involved in funeral pre-planning near Oakland is making the choice between cremation and burial. This can be an even more complicated decision if you are making it on behalf of a deceased loved one. Use this guide to learn more about each option for help deciding which one is the right choice.


    People have been choosing cremation for centuries. This process uses high amounts of heat to rapidly decompose the body to bone fragments. There are many ceremony and memorialization options associated with cremation. When people choose cremation, they can have a traditional ceremony with a viewing for friends and family before the cremation is done. They could also opt for a ceremonial cremation with a memorial ceremony after the cremation is complete. Other people do not want a ceremony. A funeral home can also offer memorialization options and in-ground burial of the ashes. Many people opt for cremation because it is often the less expensive option and it gives family and friends the opportunity to keep or to scatter the ashes in a special location.


    Many people choose burial because of cultural or religious beliefs. When people choose this option, they must pick out a casket and buy a plot. The deceased can be buried in a cemetery, in an above-ground entombment, in a mausoleum, or in a private family estate. These areas provide a convenient location for family and friends to visit and to pay respects to a lost loved one. Burials are often accompanied by traditional funerals, but people can choose different memorialization options.

    Whether you decide on cremation or burial, Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland is here to make the planning process a little easier for you. With beautiful architecture and scenery, our peaceful location offers personalized services to each and every family in their time of loss. To learn more about our services or to start funeral pre-planning, visit our website or call (510) 654-0123.