• Explaining Death to Young Children

    For a young child, death is not an easy concept to understand. After a loved one passes away, in the midst of dealing with your grief, it’s important to explain the death clearly to the young people who are affected by it so that they too can grieve the loss in a healthy way. Even if you decide it’s not appropriate for your children to go to the funeral home, you may still want to take some time to explain death to them.

    Watch this video for advice on explaining death to young children. When doing so, remember to use honest language and avoid euphemisms, like going to sleep or going to a better place, which can create fear and confusion.

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  • Visiting a Loved One’s Gravesite or Mausoleum

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    After funeral services have ended, your connection with your loved one doesn’t. Visiting your loved one’s gravesite or mausoleum is a good way to keep that connection and revisit your memories. Unfortunately, some people shy away from visiting cemeteries, because they aren’t sure what to do there, even when visiting their loved one could help them in the grieving process. Don’t let these concerns keep you away from honoring your loved one and the relationship you shared. Consider these visitation ideas when you go to the cemetery.

    Bring Flowers
    Bringing flowers to a cemetery might seem like a cliché, but the reason so many families do it is because it is comforting to leave something bright and beautiful at the headstone, which is typically in a somber color. You can bring flowers that you know your loved one adored or simply choose a seasonal bouquet that demonstrates how much you still care for your loved one. Check with the cemetery to find out what their gravesite decorations rules are and their policy for cleaning these items up.

    Go with Family and Friends
    When family and friends go to visit a cemetery together, they can use the time to share favorite memories and talk about things that are happening in their lives today. Many people find comfort in talking about their challenges and major decisions they’re facing at the gravesite or mausoleum of a loved one. It’s OK for friends and family to enjoy the time, joke, and have fun together as they share cherished memories.

    Pack a Lunch
    Bring a snack or a lunch and enjoy it on a nearby bench, or perch on the ground near your loved one’s gravesite. Some families choose to do this on special days, such as their loved one’s birthday. Doing so can make you feel especially connected to the person you lost.

    Visiting the cemetery can play an important role in the grieving process. At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we offer grief support services in Oakland to help in your time of need. For more information about our funeral home , call (510) 654-0123.