• What to Include in a Eulogy

    Before departing the funeral home to go to the memorial park, it is likely that one or more mourners will give a eulogy in the decedent’s honor. If you have been asked to give a eulogy, it’s best to be prepared with an outline of your thoughts. Eulogies do not need to encompass the entirety of the person’s life. Rather, they are brief discussions of one or two important aspects of the individual’s life. If you are not a family member, you might discuss how you first met the decedent and the way in which he or she touched your life. If you are a family member, consider talking about the special bond that you and the decedent shared.

    When preparing your eulogy, try to identify one or two characteristics of the decedent to focus on. You might discuss the decedent’s tireless work with local charities, for example, or his or her devotion to family. It is acceptable to include a humorous story about the decedent if you feel the story is appropriate.

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  • How to Help a Loved One Grieve

    Long after the funeral and cremation services, individuals who are bereaved often have trouble finding ways of moving forward. As a friend or family member of a mourner, you might be unsure of how to help your loved one during this difficult time. Since grief is personal and no two people will respond in the same way, it’s best to let your loved one be your guide when you’re trying to provide grief support .

    What Not to Say

    There are many appropriate things you could say to a mourner, but it’s equally as important to know what not to say. It’s usually best to avoid platitudes such as “He or she is in a better place” and “I know how you feel.” As a general rule of thumb, avoid voicing your own religious beliefs unless they are solicited and avoid making statements that begin with “You should” or “You will.” It’s also best to avoid trying to cheer up a mourner; grief is a healthy, natural response to loss and your loved one needs time to work through it without feeling rushed.

    What to Say

    When talking about the loss with your loved one, it’s important to acknowledge his or her feelings. Be genuine in offering your condolences . You might say, for instance, “I’m sorry that you’re going through this.” You could also tell your loved one that you’re not sure exactly what you should say, but that you want your loved one to know that you care. It isn’t necessary to talk the entire time you’re visiting with your loved one. Often, sitting in silence is comforting.

    What to Do

    After a loss, bereaved family members may have problems functioning and thinking clearly. You could extend an open-ended offer of your assistance, but your loved one might not know how to accept your offer. Instead, offer to do specific tasks or errands, such as shopping for groceries, providing childcare, or locating a reputable estate lawyer.

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  • How to Plan a Cremation Ceremony

    Planning a cremation ceremony can be a challenging task if you’ve recently lost a loved one. Remember that choosing cremation doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorial or funeral service. If it suits you and your loved ones, you can choose to have a religious or non-religious service to honor the memory of your loved one before or after the cremation process. Talk to your local funeral home about arranging for a ceremony to fit your preferences.

    After the body is cremated, you have several options. You may bury the remains in a casket or urn during a traditional funeral service at a cemetery. Or, you may choose to place the urn in the niche of a columbarium or inside a memorial bench. Some families decide to scatter the ashes in a special place or keep the urn at the home of a family member.

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  • What You Should Know About Attending a Funeral

    Attending a funeral can be a challenging experience. You may be experiencing feelings of grief during the service, or you may be there to support others as they grieve. Whether you are attending a cremation service or traditional funeral service in a cemetery, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

    First, remember that the purpose of attending a funeral is usually to support the family of the deceased. It’s important to arrive early at the funeral home and show your respect to the family. Ask them if there’s anything you can do during their time of grief. This will help show your support.

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  • The Uses of Columbariums

    If you’re considering cremation during your funeral pre-planning or are preparing for the cremation service of a loved one, you may also want to consider a columbarium. Columbariums are an above-ground memorialization option that is often confused with mausoleums. Keep reading to learn more about the uses of columbariums.

    The Original Columbariums

    Before columbariums were associated with people, they were actually associated with birds. Early columbariums were homes for large groups of pigeons and doves in Ancient Rome, and were common among people who raised these birds for domestic purposes. The original columbariums contained small shelves that housed the birds. In today’s columbariums, however, these shelves are used for another purpose.

    Columbariums vs. Mausoleums

    Columbariums are often confused with mausoleums because the purposes of the two types of memorial buildings are very similar. Both are built with the intention of housing the remains of many different people at once—some may even be public memorials for hundreds of different people. However, mausoleums are intended to hold the entire bodies of the deceased; in this way, they act as a type of above-ground burial. Columbariums, on the other hand, contain cremation urns. Some types of memorial buildings act as both mausoleums and columbariums and may simply be referred to as mausoleums.

    The Structure of Columbariums

    Columbariums may be elaborate or simple structures, depending on their size and architectural style. Typically, the buildings contain the remains of people from a variety of different religions. Therefore, the structures themselves do not contain any religious markings. Rather, the individual niches and urns may be marked with religious symbols.

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