• Ideas for Holding an Ash Scattering Ceremony

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    Following a cremation ceremony, one of the most popular practices that surviving family members choose for the deceased’s ashes is scattering, which refers to distributing the deceased’s ashes in or on the ground, air, or water. Here, you will find several ideas to consider for your loved one’s ash scattering ceremony.

    Incorporating the Ashes into the Ground
    Two common methods of placing a deceased individual’s ashes into the earth are trenching and raking. Trenching traditionally involves digging a shallow trench, scattering the ashes along its length, and then burying them with soil. Raking refers to the process of gently raking the cremated remains into the ground, as opposed to simply scattering the decease’s ashes onto the ground. This method allows the ashes to integrate with the environment more rapidly. Before choosing either of these methods, it is important to check the area’s regulations for disposing of ashes.

    Casting the Ashes from the Air
    To cast a loved one’s ashes into the air or over a broad expanse of water or land, some people choose to perform the ceremony on a helicopter or plane. Before proceeding, be sure to check with the local regulations regarding this method for scattering ashes.

    Additional Options to Consider
    Traditionally, casting ceremonies begin with a eulogy or a brief speech, along with music or a poetry reading. These choices give you the opportunity to personalize the ceremony and pay tribute to the deceased’s life journey and their favorite musicians or authors. If your casting service is to be held in a sheltered area, then incorporating photos and candles can be a beautiful choice. Also, casting the ashes along with birdseed, wildflower seeds, or flower petals is a nice way to add a natural touch to the ceremony.

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  • Benefits of Choosing Mausoleum Entombment

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    Are you in the midst of funeral planning and have questions about burial types? If so, then you may have encountered an option for mausoleum entombment. A mausoleum is a structure built to house the remains of one or more deceased individuals, and this entombment method has been in use for ages.

    Because mausoleums are buildings, this allows surviving family members and friends to come and visit the burial site in comfort year-round, in spite of any inclement weather. Also, many people consider mausoleums to be an ecologically friendly option because this type of burial usually requires less land than an underground burial. Lastly, mausoleums provide an alternative for individuals who dislike the idea of underground burials or cremation.

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