• Understanding Modern Funeral Etiquette

    Funeral Etiquette Oakland

    Depending upon the religious, ethnic, and cultural background of the deceased, modern funeral home ceremonies are often less formal than they were in the past. While some religions dictate very specific funeral traditions, others are more flexible and less strict. Here is a look at the basics of modern funeral etiquette , absent any specific religious or cultural traditions.

    What to Wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service
    Unless you’re specifically directed to wear a certain type of clothing, you should assume that funeral attire is semi-formal. Women should wear pants or mid-to-long skirts or dresses, with blouses or modest shirts. They should avoid wearing anything revealing or immodest. Men should avoid wearing shorts, t-shirts, or sandals. They should instead wear dress pants and a dress shirt.

    How to Behave at the Funeral Service, Memorial, and Burial
    You should arrive on time to the funeral service, memorial service, or burial. Don’t use your cell phone or camera during the service. When you speak, use quiet or hushed tones. Don’t leave the funeral or memorial service early unless you sit near the back and can do so without interrupting. It’s customary for only family and very close friends to speak during a funeral service or memorial service.

    How to Support the Family of the Deceased
    If the family of the deceased has requested that donations or memorial gifts be made to a specific charity, you can support them in their time of loss by honoring these wishes. You can also offer to bring food or beverages to the funeral or memorial reception, if appropriate. The best form of grief support after the death of a loved one is simply offering to be there for the family, and asking them if there is anything specific that they need.

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