• Deciding Where to Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes


    After cremation services, cremated remains are often saved in an urn, buried at a cemetery, or scattered. No matter what you decide to do with your loved one’s ashes, Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland is here to help. If you intend to scatter your loved one’s ashes, we urge you to keep these practical and legal considerations in mind.

    If you decide to scatter your loved one’s ashes on private land, be sure that you have permission from the property owner. Furthermore, if you hope to revisit the site, make sure it is not too difficult to return to it. It can be difficult to get enough privacy to leave a loved one’s ashes at a beautiful or frequently visited spot. For this reason, you may want to consider arranging a ceremony on a day when the site will not be excessively busy.

    For other important things to consider before scattering your loved one’s ashes, contact Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 379-5200. We provide cremation ceremonies and other end-of-life services in Northern California.

  • Comforting the Bereaved

    At Chapel of the Chimes, a funeral home in Oakland , we know that life can be immensely difficult for a person who has recently lost a loved one. If you are comforting a friend or family member who has lost a loved one, it’s important to remember that he or she is probably experiencing a great deal of pain. Consider the information below for guidance on how to comfort the bereaved.

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    Reach Out Immediately

    It may be an inconvenient time for you to reach out to the bereaved after his or her loss, but it is very important to do so as soon as you can. The bereaved individual needs to be reminded that he or she is not alone in the first few days following the loss. There is enormous comfort in knowing that you are surrounded by supportive loved ones in the wake of a loss.

    Listen Carefully

    It is not easy to offer the right words when your bereaved friend is grieving. This is why it is often best to focus on listening. Following the loss of a loved one, the bereaved may be suffering, angry, or even in shock. Do not judge or lecture him or her, and avoid trying to figure things out on behalf of the bereaved. Just listen and allow space for your friend or loved one to vent and grieve.

    Avoid Rushing

    Many people make the mistake of trying to rush the bereaved through the grieving process . Whether it has been months or years since the funeral services, it’s important to remember that each person grieves differently and on a different timetable.

    Express Love, Now and Later

    Following funeral services, the bereaved many feel lonely after everyone has left to return to their respective lives. Give the bereaved a phone call or pay him or her a visit a few weeks after the funeral services to offer support.

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  • How to Behave at a Funeral

    When paying your respects at a loved one’s funeral, it is important to carry yourself respectfully. This is a ceremonious time during which you can honor the life of the deceased and offer support to the family. If another person is telling a story or recalling memories about the deceased, be respectful by listening carefully. In some funerals, it is appropriate to listen quietly. In others, it is normal to recall funny memories and share a good laugh. Follow the dress code mentioned on the funeral invitation. If there is no dress code mentioned, dress formally, conservatively, and in dark colors. Watch this video clip for more information about how to behave at a funeral.

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