• Coping with Anticipatory Grief

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    When the health of someone that you care about is declining, experiencing feelings of grief is not uncommon. If you are involved with funeral pre-planning for an ailing loved one, then you may find yourself suffering from anticipatory grief. Read on to learn more about this grieving process and how you can cope.

    Understand what you are feeling.
    It is common for people to think of grief as something that occurs after a loss. While this is true, many people experience grief before a loved one’s passing if that person is in poor health or old age. This process can last a few days or a few years or more, and is referred to as anticipatory grief. During this time, it is important for you to understand that grief is a normal experience to have before a loved one’s passing.

    Communicate with friends and relatives.
    When experiencing anticipatory grief, communication can be a key factor in successfully handling your emotions. If you are feeling this way, then it makes sense that your loved one’s friends and other family members are as well. Reaching out to these individuals and communicating about what you are experiencing can be beneficial for everyone. Similarly, developing a support system through friends and family is an excellent way to help cope with your feelings and any responsibilities that you have for your ailing loved one.

    Take advantage of grief counseling.
    Many people feel that turning to counseling for help in any situation is a sign of weakness or a measure of last resort. When you are experiencing anticipatory grief, it is crucial to understand that taking advantage of counseling offers a beneficial way for anyone to express what they are going through and cope with their feelings.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, our experienced staff can assist you with funeral pre-planning services, and we also offer online grief counseling in Oakland . For more information about planning ahead, please call us today at (510) 654-0123.

  • Coping with Grief and Loss

    Whether you are assisting with funeral pre-planning for an ailing loved one, or you are organizing funeral services following the death of someone that you were close to, knowing how to cope with your emotions can be helpful during this time.

    Watch this video for tips on dealing with grief and loss. Grieving the death of a loved one is different for every person, and there is no right or wrong way to go through this experience. Through this period, it is important to remember that grief is an up-and-down process, and not a simple task to complete.

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  • Practical Advice for Scattering Ashes

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    When planning a cremation ceremony, it’s very important to talk to someone at your funeral home or crematorium about where you can scatter your loved one’s ashes. Planning ahead will ensure that you adhere to laws regulating cremation services and the scattering of ashes. Here is some practical advice for scattering ashes during or after a funeral service or cremation service.

    Find Out Where You’re Allowed to Scatter
    You must follow certain regulations when arranging cremation services and scattering ashes on private land, controlled public land, or in a public body of water, such as a lake or ocean. You shouldn’t plan a cremation ceremony on private property without written permission from the landowner. Before you scatter ashes on controlled public land, like city or federal parks, you’ll need to obtain permits and follow regulations. At least 30 days before scattering ashes in a body of water, you’ll need to notify the EPA.

    Consider Keeping Some of the Ashes
    You may want to keep some of the ashes as a memorial to your loved one. When you begin planning a cremation ceremony with your funeral home or crematorium, ask the funeral director about your cremation services options. You can retain some ashes in a cremation urn or cremation jewelry. You can also bury a portion of the ashes in a cemetery, or entomb them in a columbarium or mausoleum.

    Include Friends and Family When Planning a Cremation Ceremony
    When planning a cremation ceremony, you should include friends and family in the cremation services. The cremation ceremony will be more meaningful if other loved ones are involved in the planning process. Loved ones can also provide grief support and comfort during a difficult time.

    If you’re planning a cremation ceremony near Oakland and would like to talk to an expert at a funeral home and crematorium, come see us at Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. Our compassionate staff has experience planning funeral services and cremation services for families of all cultures, religions, and ethnicities. For more information about our funeral home and crematorium, including our memorial park, mausoleum, and columbarium, call us today at (510) 654-0123.

  • What to Know When a Veteran Passes

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    As you begin funeral pre-planning or arranging a funeral for a veteran, you’ll have access to certain funeral services and benefits. To take advantage of these benefits and guarantee that your loved one has the funeral services and funeral ceremony that he or she deserves, it’s important to begin planning ahead and gathering as much information as possible. Here are some great tips for working with your funeral home before or after a veteran passes.

    Determine Which Benefits Your Loved One is Eligible For

    The military funeral service benefits that your loved one is eligible for through the VA will depend upon the length of his service, the circumstances of his discharge, and the cause of death. These benefits must be requested from the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The VA will require you to provide documentation and request specific funeral services and financial aid before you can begin funeral planning.

    Gather the Necessary Documentation
    VA will need official documentation regarding the circumstances of your discharge and the nature and length of your service. They typically require a discharge report titled Form DD 214: Report of Separation from the Armed Forces of the United States. This form is generally automatically mailed to the veteran or next of kin. The director of your funeral home or crematorium can assist you in obtaining this form if necessary.

    Make Financial Arrangements with Your Funeral Home
    VA may cover some of the costs associated with the funeral service or cremation service. You can work with the director of your funeral home and cemetery to make financial arrangements for the funeral service and burial plot. These costs are covered for honorably discharged veterans who were disabled during service, retired, or died under VA contract in a VA hospital or nursing home.

    If you want more information about funeral planning near Oakland for a veteran, come see us at Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. Our experienced funeral home staff can walk you through the process of arranging a funeral ceremony honoring your loved one. Call us today at (510) 654-0123 to speak with us about funeral services.