• A Look at Our Historic Funeral Home

    At the Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, our experienced funeral home staff pride ourselves on providing compassionate, comprehensive funeral services and cremation services to our diverse community. We are able to accommodate specific needs when planning cremation ceremonies and funeral ceremonies for community members of all religions, cultures, and personal beliefs.

    Watch this video to learn more about our historic funeral home, crematorium, columbarium, and memorial park. You will get a private, virtual tour of our Oakland funeral home, including the elegant spaces in which funeral ceremonies or cremation ceremonies may be held.

    If you’re interested in speaking to someone at our funeral home and crematorium near Oakland , feel free to stop by for an in-person tour. We can help you pre-plan a funeral or cremation ceremony that truly honors your loved one. Call us today at (510) 654-0123 for more information.

  • A Look at Buddhist Funeral Traditions

    The Buddhist way of life teaches that death is a natural part of the life cycle and that it is necessary for a person who is dying to mentally prepare for the next incarnation. The Buddha did not leave specific instructions for preferred funeral services and so Buddhist funeral traditions can be flexible. However, there are some traditions that Buddhist families will generally follow after a death and at the funeral home.


    Buddhist families prefer that the dying process take place in a calm, peaceful setting. When the individual dies, family members are expected to cleanse the body. The decedent is dressed in everyday clothes, rather than garments for special occasions. Some Buddhist families prefer that the body be left in place for at least four hours before being moved to a funeral home. However, if the decedent wanted to donate his or her corneas or organs, then the proper authorities should be notified shortly after the death. Some Buddhist families prefer to avoid embalming when local regulations will permit this.


    If a visitation or wake will be held, it is appropriate for the family to choose a simple casket and to arrange the altar with candles, incense, and other offerings. The decedent’s portrait and an image of the Buddha may be displayed.


    The family may choose to have a teacher or other member of the Buddhist community perform chants. If this is not possible, then the family may perform chants or set up an audio recording of chanting. The chants should be focused on life’s impermanence and the transference of merit. It is traditional, though not required, for a Buddhist to be cremated. Cremation services follow the precedent established by the Buddha. However, some families may prefer burial. During all of the services, it is expected that the family and other mourners wear white. Head coverings should be removed during chanting or other rites.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, your family will find compassionate and culturally sensitive funeral services in Oakland. Our funeral home works closely with each family to ensure that the funeral or cremation services are an appropriately personalized celebration of life. Call (510) 654-0123 to speak with a funeral director.

  • Writing a Funeral Thank You Card

    After your friends and family members attend the funeral service or cremation service of your loved one, it is customary to send a note to thank them for their presence. A funeral thank you card shows the people who attended the funeral service that their encouragement and support was meaningful to you.

    Watch this video for some helpful advice on writing thank you cards to those who attended a funeral service or cremation service. Steve Spann, a funeral home director, gives tips on what you can say, and how to begin the thank you note process.

    If you’re funeral planning or funeral pre-planning near Oakland, come see us at Chapel of the Chimes Oakland . Our funeral home staff has experience planning funeral ceremonies, memorials, burial services, and cremation services for community members of all religions and cultures. To learn more about our funeral home and funeral services, call us today at (510) 654-0123.

  • What Are Your Options for Burying Cremated Remains?

    Cremation Oakland

    If you are considering cremation services for your deceased loved one, you may be wondering what options you have for burying the ashes. The most popular options for burying cremated remains include columbarium, urn garden, and plot burials.

    Columbarium Interment
    A columbarium is a building or vault made specifically for holding cremated remains in urns. These buildings are above ground and usually consist of many small niches for housing individual urns. If you choose columbarium interment for burying cremated remains, a plaque identifying the deceased will be added to the outside of the niche once the urn is in place.

    Urn Garden Burial
    It’s common for cemeteries to have an area dedicated to urn gardens. Urn gardens are specifically for the burial of urns, and are sometimes small, landscaped areas in the cemetery. Urn gardens can also be very elaborately designed, and still others offer options for burying urns in parts of the hardscaping such as fountains, rocks, and benches.

    Plot Burial
    Urns of cremated remains can also be buried in a grave plot and, because they a smaller than a coffin, many cemeteries will allow more than one urn to be buried in a single plot. If you decide to bury the cremated remains in a plot, most cemeteries will require the use of an urn vault. An urn vault’s purpose is to support the soil around the urn, and to prevent the soil above from collapsing. If you are uninterested in purchasing an urn vault, you might consider seeking out a green burial ground, which are burial locations that do not require the use of grave liners or urn vaults.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we offer personalized service to every family and hold unsurpassed experience in funeral planning. If you are considering cremation services, please reach out to us to learn about planning a funeral service in Oakland. For information about our different ceremonies and signature services , please contact us at (510) 654-0123.

  • How to Write a Sympathy Card

    If someone close to you has lost a loved one, preparing for the cremation or funeral service often involves writing a sympathy card. Watch this video for advice on proper etiquette for this type of condolence.

    When writing a sympathy card, it’s important to use delicacy and restraint in your wording in order to help the recipient to feel respected and supported. Humor can be used if it’s not disrespectful toward the recipient of the deceased. You will want to sensitively acknowledge their loss without telling them how they should feel or that you understand what they’re going through.

    Many funeral homes and cemeteries can supply sympathy cards and memorial gifts. If you are planning a cremation or funeral ceremony near Oakland, Chapel of the Chimes Oakland offers several beautiful services. We can be reached at (510) 654-0123.

  • Exploring Religious Perspectives on Cremation

    Funeral Pre-Planning Houston

    When you begin pre-planning a funeral , you will have the option to choose burial or cremation services. The choice you make may depend upon your own personal religious and cultural beliefs. Here is a look at some major religious perspectives on the practice of cremation.

    The Catholic Church’s Views on Cremation
    Until 1963, the Catholic Church didn’t support cremation services. The Church believes that funeral services should follow the path of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and after death, the body and soul pass from the physical world to live on in the afterlife. Due to the Catholic belief in the body as a temple for the Holy Spirit, and faith in the resurrection of the body, there’s a strong preference on entombing or burying the body. After 1963, the Church relaxed its ban on cremation services, but still prefers the body be present for the funeral mass. After cremation, the remains must be buried or entombed, and cannot be scattered.

    Buddhist and Hindu Cremation Services
    The Buddhist religion allows for cremation or burial. After cremation, the remains may be kept by the family, enshrined in a columbarium or memorial park, or scattered at sea. According to the Hindu tradition, every member of the Hindu faith is cremated after death. The only exception to this tradition is babies, children, and saints.

    Jewish Beliefs About Cremation
    The views on cremation services depend upon the degree of orthodoxy of the deceased. Orthodox Jews believe that cremation is unacceptable, and that the body must be buried in a burial plot at a Jewish cemetery. Conservative Jews oppose cremation, but a rabbi might agree to perform a funeral service for someone who has been cremated. Reform Jews and Reform rabbis support cremation services.

    If you’re interested in learning more about cremation near Oakland , come see us at Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. We can help you arrange a funeral, memorial, or cremation that follows the traditions and beliefs of any religion or culture. To learn more about our funeral home and memorial park, call us today at (510) 654-0123.

  • What Is the Conversation Project?

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    The Conversation Project is a non-profit organization that promotes the discussion of preferences for end of life care, and planning ahead for funeral, burial, or cremation services. The organization works in collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to provide community members with information about the benefits of funeral pre-planning.

    When people feel comfortable talking to their families about their wishes for their funeral service, they can save their families from a lot of stress and heartache. After a death, many families experience extreme financial and emotional difficulty when burdened with the task of planning a funeral and paying the high costs associated with funeral homes, cemeteries, and burial plots. When you pre-plan a funeral, you can ensure that your wishes are followed, and the financial and emotional burden is lifted from your family.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the Conversation Project or funeral pre-planning in Oakland, come see us at Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. We can walk you through the process of pre-planning a funeral or cremation ceremony. To speak with one of our compassionate and knowledgeable funeral home employees about funeral pre-planning, call us today at (510) 654-0123.

  • Comparing Types of Burial Options

    Burial Options Oakland

    When you pass away, how do you want to be buried? It’s a question that many people don’t like to think about, but you should give it some consideration in order to make the decision easier on your family. By doing funeral pre-planning and picking your preferred burial method, those you love won’t have to decide which burial option is best for you. When you pre-plan a funeral in Oakland, your family will know exactly what you want. Here are some of the burial options that will be available to you.

    In-Ground Burial
    This is the most common burial option. In order for a funeral home to arrange for an in-ground burial, you should use funeral pre-planning to buy a burial plot. Many spouses choose to buy burial plots together towards the end of their lives so that they can be buried in the same spot. When you pre-plan your funeral, you will also be able to pick exactly which cemetery you want to be buried in.

    Mausoleum Burial
    Not everyone wants to be buried when they pass away. For those people, mausoleums are a great option. Whether you want to be buried above ground in a community mausoleum that everyone can visit or you want to be buried above ground in a private mausoleum that only your friends and family can access, mausoleums are excellent choices. Your family will not have to worry about maintaining your burial plot when you are buried in a mausoleum.

    Do you want your loved ones to have access to your remains once you are gone? Or do you want your ashes to be spread in a place that you loved when you were alive? If either of these things appeal to you, you should choose cremation. It’s usually the more affordable choice.

    Chapel of the Chimes Oakland can help with planning ahead for a funeral and assist families with the funeral process in the days after a death. Call us at (510) 654-0123 to learn more.

  • Learn More About Our Funeral Home Services

    When one of your loved ones passes away, there will be many funeral homes willing to help you plan a wake and burial services. You need a funeral home in Oakland that is prepared to do whatever it takes to create a personalized funeral that will help your friends and family pay tribute to your loved one.

    Watch this video to see why Chapel of the Chimes Oakland is one of the best funeral homes in the area. From planning out every single aspect of your funeral service to providing you with grief support, we will see to it that you are satisfied with the way the funeral turns out.

    Are you in the process of planning or pre-planning a funeral now? Call Chapel of the Chimes Oakland today at (510) 654-0123 to find out how we can assist you along the way.

  • Essential Elements of an Obituary

    Funeral Planning Oakland

    Planning ahead is one of the best ways to take on writing an obituary. Many people become understandably emotional during this time. It is always acceptable to ask your funeral homes of choice for advice and guidance. Obituaries are essential for spreading the word that someone has passed away and allowing others to pay their respects during funeral services. Keep reading to find out why you should include important family members, major life accomplishments, and significant events and dates in the life of the deceased.

    Death Announcement
    The first part of an obituary involves a death announcement with the name of the deceased, the funeral home where funeral services will be held, and any other essential details. You should also include the age and place of residence of the deceased. If you feel comfortable, you can include the cause of death. However, never feel obligated to disclose anything you prefer not to share.

    Biographical Sketch
    When you write an obituary , include the deceased’s place of birth, parents’ names, date and place of marriage, and birth name of spouse. While these personal details provide basic knowledge, a more detailed account of your loved one’s life should also be included. Many people include education, work, and military service, as well as any philanthropic work.

    Important Family
    Funeral services are for the living, and so are obituaries. Family members can be hurt if they are forgotten in an obituary, so planning ahead is key. Begin with survivors first, starting with the closest relations, including spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings.

    For advice on funeral pre-planning and funeral planning , contact Chapel of the Chimes Oakland. Our funeral home in Oakland has been providing California families with end-of-life services for over 100 years. We are proud to be a leading funeral and cremation services provider, and we are dedicated to using our rich history and experience to help you celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. Learn more or arrange a tour of our mausoleum and cemetery by calling (510) 654-0123 today.