• The Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

    As more people become aware of the benefits of making advance funeral arrangements, funeral pre-planning is becoming increasingly popular. One of the advantages of making arrangements in advance is having the opportunity to pre-pay for your funeral, locking in prices and sparing your children or other relatives the expense after you are gone.

    Before you meet with a funeral home director to discuss funeral pre-planning options, watch this brief video clip. In it, Angie Hicks of  Angie’s List  explains why it is important that the funeral home at which you make funeral arrangements is insured. She also interviews funeral experts about the advantages of funeral pre-planning.

    Are you a resident of the Bay Area who is looking for an experienced, full-service funeral planning professional to help you pre-plan your funeral ? To speak with a caring and dedicated funeral service provider, call Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 654-0123.

  • Understanding Cremation Options [INFOGRAPHIC]

    It is never easy to lose a loved one or to face your own eventual passing, but planning for the inevitable can ease the burden on a family when someone passes away. One of the main decisions to be made in funeral planning is whether you will have a full body burial or be cremated. Cremation is rising in popularity in the U.S., with 42% of people choosing to be cremated in 2011. If you or your loved one wants to be cremated, you have a number of options for ceremonies and memorials. Some people prefer to have a viewing of the deceased prior to cremation, while others wish to have a funeral service after the deceased has already been cremated. Take a look at this infographic from Chapel of the Chimes Oakland to learn more about the different cremation options. Please share with your friends and family.


  • Choosing Where to Scatter a Loved One’s Ashes

    Image of spring in Japan

    Having the ability to choose where to scatter a loved one’s ashes is one of the more personal advantages of choosing cremation over burial. If you have recently lost a loved one and are trying to decide what to do with his or her cremated remains, read through the following advice.

    Deciding on an Appropriate Place
    Reflect on your loved one’s personality and interests. What were some of his or her favorite places? Did she love the beach or the forest? How about baseball, football, golf, or another sport? Natural settings are appropriate for the scattering of ashes, as they enable you to return the remains of your loved one to the earth from which she came. Ballparks and fields are also a good option for individuals who were so passionate about a sport that they would want nothing more than to watch game after game in the afterlife.

    Scatter Some, Save Some
    If you are torn between a couple of places that were near and dear to your loved one’s heart, don’t force yourself to choose just one location. Ashes can be scattered in several places . You can also scatter some ashes now and save others to scatter on your loved one’s birthday, your anniversary, or at another time in the future. Similarly, you can scatter some of the deceased’s cremated remains and store the rest in an urn or memorial keepsake.

    Where Not to Scatter
    States and municipalities have varying laws pertaining to the scattering of cremated remains. Check these before scattering ashes to ensure that you are compliant with them. A funeral home representative may also be able to help you identify an appropriate location.

    Coping with the loss of a partner, relative, or friend is extremely difficult. To speak with an Oakland area funeral planner who can guide you through the cremation process and answer any questions you may have about scattering cremated remains, call Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 654-0123.