• A Guide to Writing a Eulogy

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    A eulogy is a speech, usually given at a funeral, to memorialize a deceased loved one. The best eulogies are not based on how well they are written, but instead are heartfelt and capture the spirit of the deceased. When planning a funeral or memorial service, a funeral home director can help you determine who will deliver a eulogy during the service.

    If you have been asked to deliver a eulogy, you should consider what type of tone you want the eulogy to have before writing it. Some people opt to be more serious, while others have a more lighthearted approach with a touch of humor. There is no right or wrong tone for a eulogy, but it is important that it is appropriate. You should take into consideration the audience for the eulogy when determining what is appropriate to say. Begin by introducing yourself and offer a few basics about the deceased. Tell specific stories about the deceased, but be sure to keep your eulogy brief and well-organized.

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  • A Guide to Mausoleum Burial

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    Being put to rest in a mausoleum is extremely desirable. If you and your family can afford a mausoleum burial, it is well worth the benefits it provides. If you are planning a burial with a funeral home in Oakland, a mausoleum burial is a wonderful option. Read on to learn more about this type of burial.

    A mausoleum burial allows loved ones to visit the deceased in a private and beautiful space. If your loved one is placed in the ground, the memorial process takes place in a public area for family and friends. However, if the deceased is placed in a mausoleum, people can grieve as they need to—in their own way. A family mausoleum allows for the highest form of privacy and peace for the deceased and grieving. Whether you are a couple or a family of many, family mausoleums allow you to rest together in a dignified setting.

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  • What Are the Advantages of Funeral Pre-Planning?

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    Thinking about one’s passing is never easy, and pre-planning a funeral can be difficult to think about, but doing so has many benefits for you and your loved ones. Not only will you ease the stressful planning and financial burden on your loved ones, but you will also get the funeral you want. If you are considering funeral pre-planning near Oakland , continue reading to learn more about the advantages of planning ahead of time.

    Eased Burden for Your Loved Ones
    Leaving your wishes left unknown when you pass can cause stress during an already trying time for your family and close friends. However, when you pre-plan a funeral, you can be sure that your family members know your wishes and that they will not need to worry about making guesses. When you plan your funeral ahead of time, you are really giving your loved ones and yourself a gift—the gift of peace of mind.

    Eased Financial Burden for Your Family
    When you choose to plan your funeral ahead of your passing, you are ensuring that a financial burden is not placed on your loved ones. Being prepared allows you to pay for your funeral arrangement beforehand so your family does not have to bear the financial weight. Funerals can be simple and inexpensive or lavish and cost a bit more. Whether you want a lavish or simple funeral, when you plan it before your passing, you will be able to pay for it yourself. If you choose not to pay for your funeral in advance, you may still be able to secure a low price for your final arrangements.

    Finals Wishes Granted Correctly
    Oftentimes, people already have some idea of how they wish to go out of this world. Pre-planning your funeral is a way to be sure your wishes come true. Working with a funeral director prior to your passing will allow you to make all of the decisions about how your life is remembered and celebrated.

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  • Choosing Funeral Flowers

    When planning a memorial service at a funeral home or crematorium in Oakland, flowers are oftentimes the main aesthetic focus. Watch this video to learn more about choosing funeral flowers.

    White is often thought as a memorialization color. White lilies and white roses are both beautiful choices to honor your loved one. A funeral home can help you to arrange the flowers. A florist will create a flower arrangement to your liking. When working with white roses, it is important to remember they need more water than other types of flowers. Using a piece of foam that can hold water, your florist will build the arrangement with greenery first.

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  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cremation Urn

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    If you have recently lost a loved one and chose cremation in Oakland for his or her final arrangements, you will need to choose an urn for the ashes. Choosing the right urn can be a stressful process for individuals, as they want to honor their loved one in a way that seems fitting. To help you choose the right urn for your passed loved one, here are some factors to consider.

    Before you can consider how you want to memorialize your loved one, functionality needs to be considered. If you are planning on placing the urn in a crematorium in the Oakland area, speaking with a funeral director can help you to determine the correct size for their location.

    Memorialization of your loved one should be considered when choosing an urn. It is also important to consider where you are planning to place the urn. If you plan to place the urn in a family member’s home, or your own home, there may be some compromises to make during this process. Choosing an urn that can honor your loved one while also honoring your taste is important if an urn is going to be placed in a home.

    The cremains of your loved one will be placed inside the urn, so choosing the right quality material for the urn is important. Even more so, choosing the right material for the location where you will store the urn should be considered. For instance, wood urns should not be placed outdoors, while copper urns are not ideal for burial. Depending on your loved one’s interests and passions in life, considering sustainable urn materials may also be a good idea.

    The professionals at a crematorium in your area can help you to decide on the proper urn for your needs. Contact Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 654-0123 to discuss urn options today. We have been serving the Bay Area for over 100 years and we look forward to serving you.