Tips on What to Wear to a Funeral

Following dress etiquette is an important part of most funeral services. At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we offer a wide range of funeral services in Oakland . In this article, we will overview some of the considerations to have when you are choosing funeral attire.

Tips on What to Wear to a Funeral - Chapel of the Chimes - Oakland, CA

Appropriate Formality

Funerals are traditionally formal, but check the invitation to see if it specifically says that it will be a more festive memorial service. Some service announcements say to wear the favorite color of the deceased. If the invitation does not specify, it probably means that the funeral will be more formal, which means it’s best to wear business attire such as a dress or a suit. T-shirts, shorts jeans, and casual footwear are typically not appropriate for a funeral service.

Clean and Presentable Clothing

Whatever you wear to a funeral, it must be as presentable as possible. All clothing should be washed or dry cleaned. If you are wearing anything that is prone to wrinkling, press it before wearing it to the funeral. Your shoes should be cleaned before the funeral, and polished if they are made of leather.  

Black or Muted Colors

The most traditional color for a funeral is black. Although it is not a requirement to wear black to a funeral service , it is highly recommended. Earthy tones such as dark brown and gray are acceptable, but make sure that you avoid wearing bold or bright colors.

Personalized Style

For most funeral services, it’s best to wear formal clothing that does not attract attention. If you don’t have a black collared shirt, it’s okay to wear a white or oxford blue shirt. Classic pinstripes are fine for suits and dress shirts.

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