Reasons to Consider Funeral Pre-Planning

More and more people are interested in planning ahead for their funeral service or cremation. Funeral planning can be done at any time, but the sooner you begin your preparations, the easier and less expensive it will end up being. There are many benefits to funeral pre-planning—continue reading to learn about a few of them.

You Can Relieve Your Family of the Burden

One of the most difficult responsibilities to assume after the death of a loved one is planning the funeral or memorial service . Before your family’s time of grief, you can ease their suffering by taking care of the details of your funeral, memorial, or cremation in advance. Funeral pre-planning allows you to save your family from added tension, stress, and disagreements during an already difficult time.

You Can Assume Financial Responsibility

Most families don’t have a budget set aside for funeral or cremation costs, so when a loved one dies, it can often be difficult to determine how to pay for the funeral home, cemetery, crematorium, or burial plot. If you arrange your funeral or cremation service in advance, you can pay for these costs yourself. You may even be able to pay for the services in installments, or set aside the money in a trust that can be accessed at the necessary time.

You Can Ensure Your Wishes Are Followed

When a loved one dies, family members often don’t know what his or her last wishes were. Planning ahead allows you to make your wishes clear, ensuring that the funeral home or crematorium understand exactly how to put your plans into action. This can prevent stress and arguments among your family members that could otherwise result from trying to guess what services you would want.

Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland is ready to help if you’re interested in pre-planning a funeral . We provide a number of pre-planning resources to the community, and our compassionate staff can walk you through the steps of planning your funeral or cremation service. Visit our website or call us today at (510) 992-6984 for more information.