Exploring Religious Perspectives on Cremation

Funeral Pre-Planning Houston

When you begin pre-planning a funeral , you will have the option to choose burial or cremation services. The choice you make may depend upon your own personal religious and cultural beliefs. Here is a look at some major religious perspectives on the practice of cremation.

The Catholic Church’s Views on Cremation
Until 1963, the Catholic Church didn’t support cremation services. The Church believes that funeral services should follow the path of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and after death, the body and soul pass from the physical world to live on in the afterlife. Due to the Catholic belief in the body as a temple for the Holy Spirit, and faith in the resurrection of the body, there’s a strong preference on entombing or burying the body. After 1963, the Church relaxed its ban on cremation services, but still prefers the body be present for the funeral mass. After cremation, the remains must be buried or entombed, and cannot be scattered.

Buddhist and Hindu Cremation Services
The Buddhist religion allows for cremation or burial. After cremation, the remains may be kept by the family, enshrined in a columbarium or memorial park, or scattered at sea. According to the Hindu tradition, every member of the Hindu faith is cremated after death. The only exception to this tradition is babies, children, and saints.

Jewish Beliefs About Cremation
The views on cremation services depend upon the degree of orthodoxy of the deceased. Orthodox Jews believe that cremation is unacceptable, and that the body must be buried in a burial plot at a Jewish cemetery. Conservative Jews oppose cremation, but a rabbi might agree to perform a funeral service for someone who has been cremated. Reform Jews and Reform rabbis support cremation services.

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