What Financial Information Should You Organize When You Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

Funeral Planning Oakland

Funeral pre-planning offers you and your family several advantages. By organizing it yourself and planning ahead, you ensure that your funeral service is precisely how you would like to be. You also help your surviving family by having the paperwork organized and most of the decision-making already completed. Most importantly, preparing financially for your funeral beforehand can make the funeral process easier for your family members.

Planning Your Ceremony
Preparing for and purchasing your funeral services in advance can save your family money and stress. Start by deciding what type of service you would like, whether you would prefer cremation or burial, and if you would rather have people send flowers or make donations to charity. It’s also a good idea to leave information regarding the locations of any family heirlooms, photographs, or family history documents.

Creating a Will and Living Trusts
Preparing a will or living trust is one of the best ways to make sure your property, money, and any money owed to you or your family end up where you want it to end up. You will want to locate all documents regarding your will or living trust, as well as any pension, annuity, life insurance policy, or retirement account records. Also, be sure to designate a power of attorney for health care along with a living will so your wishes can be carried out if you are unable to due to illness, and give your executor a copy of you will so it’s immediately accessible.

Reviewing Financial Documents
Organizing any documents regarding property and money will help keep your wealth in the right hands. If you own bonds, stocks, or money in mutual funds, be sure to locate and organize the records, as well as the deeds to any real estate that you own. You can save your surviving family extra hassle and costs by arranging for any utilities, telephone services, or subscriptions to be canceled.

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