The Uses of Columbariums

If you’re considering cremation during your funeral pre-planning or are preparing for the cremation service of a loved one, you may also want to consider a columbarium. Columbariums are an above-ground memorialization option that is often confused with mausoleums. Keep reading to learn more about the uses of columbariums.

The Original Columbariums

Before columbariums were associated with people, they were actually associated with birds. Early columbariums were homes for large groups of pigeons and doves in Ancient Rome, and were common among people who raised these birds for domestic purposes. The original columbariums contained small shelves that housed the birds. In today’s columbariums, however, these shelves are used for another purpose.

Columbariums vs. Mausoleums

Columbariums are often confused with mausoleums because the purposes of the two types of memorial buildings are very similar. Both are built with the intention of housing the remains of many different people at once—some may even be public memorials for hundreds of different people. However, mausoleums are intended to hold the entire bodies of the deceased; in this way, they act as a type of above-ground burial. Columbariums, on the other hand, contain cremation urns. Some types of memorial buildings act as both mausoleums and columbariums and may simply be referred to as mausoleums.

The Structure of Columbariums

Columbariums may be elaborate or simple structures, depending on their size and architectural style. Typically, the buildings contain the remains of people from a variety of different religions. Therefore, the structures themselves do not contain any religious markings. Rather, the individual niches and urns may be marked with religious symbols.

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