Tips for Writing an Obituary

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Funeral pre-planning entails a handful of different elements, from seeking grief support to choosing a funeral home. The obituary is another important factor to consider after the passing of a loved one. It’s important that you write one that honors your loved one. Keep reading for a closer look at these tips for writing an obituary.

Paint a picture.
When you write an obituary for a loved one, think about the qualities that made the person so special. An obituary gives people a chance to see a deceased friend, family member, or acquaintance in the same light in which their closest loved ones saw them. Take this opportunity to write kind words about your deceased loved one; talk about what he or she liked to do, discuss prevalent personality traits, and mention a few things that the person considered important in life.

Name surviving family members.
In addition to describing the deceased, obituaries will commonly name surviving family members. You can mention any kids or grandkids the departed may have had, and you can also talk about his or her parents. Think about the people whom your loved one was closest with; you don’t necessarily have to limit your mentions to immediate family. Family members will appreciate being included in the obituary of their cherished friend or relative. People who read the obituaries might not necessarily know your friend or relative’s name, but they could recognize yours and extend their condolences to your family.

Offer details about memorial services.
One of the most practical purposes of an obituary is making people aware of memorial services. Wakes, funerals, and cremation services typically happen shortly after a person passes, and people have busy schedules. There may be people who care for your lost loved one who were not otherwise aware of his or her passing; an obituary can allow these people to attend the funeral services.

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