Coping with Anticipatory Grief

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When the health of someone that you care about is declining, experiencing feelings of grief is not uncommon. If you are involved with funeral pre-planning for an ailing loved one, then you may find yourself suffering from anticipatory grief. Read on to learn more about this grieving process and how you can cope.

Understand what you are feeling.
It is common for people to think of grief as something that occurs after a loss. While this is true, many people experience grief before a loved one’s passing if that person is in poor health or old age. This process can last a few days or a few years or more, and is referred to as anticipatory grief. During this time, it is important for you to understand that grief is a normal experience to have before a loved one’s passing.

Communicate with friends and relatives.
When experiencing anticipatory grief, communication can be a key factor in successfully handling your emotions. If you are feeling this way, then it makes sense that your loved one’s friends and other family members are as well. Reaching out to these individuals and communicating about what you are experiencing can be beneficial for everyone. Similarly, developing a support system through friends and family is an excellent way to help cope with your feelings and any responsibilities that you have for your ailing loved one.

Take advantage of grief counseling.
Many people feel that turning to counseling for help in any situation is a sign of weakness or a measure of last resort. When you are experiencing anticipatory grief, it is crucial to understand that taking advantage of counseling offers a beneficial way for anyone to express what they are going through and cope with their feelings.

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