Honoring Life with Unconventional Choices for Cremated Remains

Funeral Home Oakland

Have you selected cremation for a loved one who has passed on and do you wish to perform a unique ceremony with the cremated remains? If so, then continue reading to discover some unconventional choices for cremated remains.

Scatter by Air
If the deceased was an adventurous individual or enjoyed flying, sky diving, or bungee jumping, then scattering his cremated remains from the air could be a fitting send-off. Similarly, some fireworks manufacturers will incorporate cremated remains into a fireworks display.

Bury at Home
When it comes to keeping cremated remains at home, many people think of a cremation urn that’s stored in a special spot. A less conventional alternative to this option is to bury your loved one’s cremated remains at home. If you own your home and have a yard, then this is a possibility that may be worth considering, particularly if the deceased enjoyed being outside or had an outdoor area on your property that he enjoyed spending time in. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to dig up and take the remains with you or declare the presence of human remains on the property if you should decide to sell your home.

Send into Space
If a trip into space was a dream that your deceased loved one had, then sending his cremated remains into space could be a perfect tribute. You can find various packages available, some of which involve sending the cremated remains into orbit, and others that direct the memorial vessel into deep space.

Plant a Memorial
If your deceased loved one enjoyed nature and being outdoors, then consider creating a living memorial for him by planting his cremated remains in the ground along with tree seeds. You can find specially made, biodegradable urns that contain seeds for your tree of choice.

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