• Helping Your Child Cope with the Loss of a Sibling

    As anyone who has suffered a loss knows, the grieving doesn’t end when you leave the funeral home. This fact goes for children as well, who can struggle to understand and cope with death. If you have a child who recently lost a sibling, then watch this video for guidance on helping her cope.

    Speaking with your child and offering a listening ear are important for providing her with grief support. Also, be honest about what happened, answer her questions directly, and let her know that’s it’s okay to cry.

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  • The Funeral Traditions of Chinese Christians

    Are you planning to visit a funeral home for the funeral service of a Chinese Christian individual? If so, then you may benefit from knowing more about Chinese Christian funeral traditions. Commonly, Chinese Christians believe that a person should be at home at the time of death, so dying individuals are often brought home from hospice centers or hospitals for their passing. Mirrors are removed from the home when a death occurs, which is a tradition said to help minimize the family’s sorrow.

    On the day of the funeral service, the family gathers before the casket and prays. Then, the casket is transported to the burial site, traditionally with the eldest son. The family remains in a state of grieving for 100 days after the funeral, and a piece of colored cloth, the hue of which depends on the family member’s relationship to the deceased, is worn on the sleeve for this period.

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  • Practical Tips for Scattering Cremated Remains

    Cremation Oakland

    Today, many people opt for cremation over a traditional burial, and one reason for this is that cremation allows for the scattering of cremated remains. Are you planning to scatter the cremated remains following the funeral service of a loved one? It is a good idea to consider the following practical tips for carrying out this practice.

    Know What to Expect
    It’s common for people to expect cremated remains to look and feel like soft ashes when, in fact, they are coarse and contain bone fragments. Also, the cremated remains of an adult male typically weigh about 6 pounds, and those of an adult female weigh around 4 pounds. Understanding these facts beforehand and knowing what to expect can help prepare you and anyone else who will be participating in the ceremony.

    Understand Your Options
    Before you select a location and scatter the cremated remains, think about what options you have. Some people choose to scatter the cremated remains once and in a single location, others scatter them in several locations, and still others opt to scatter some and keep the rest stored in an urn.

    Stand Upwind While Scattering
    Before you begin the ritual of scattering the cremated remains, position yourself according to the wind. If you’re standing downwind of the direction you plan to toss the cremated remains, then the wind will send them back in your direction. For this reason, it’s important to stand upwind.

    Bring Along a Camera
    Scattering the cremated remains of a deceased loved one is a ritual that you may want to look back on in the future, and one way to do this is to take pictures of the location. Also, capturing photographs during the ceremony will allow you to share the event with friends and relatives who are unable to be there in person.

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  • What to Expect from a Grief Support Group

    If you recently visited a funeral home for a deceased loved one’s funeral service, then you are probably going through many emotions as you cope with your grief. If you’re considering joining a grief support group, then watch this video to learn what you can expect.

    A bereavement or grief support group is a group that can offer support and therapeutic benefits for someone who has suffered a loss. These groups offer a safe space for you to open your heart and share your pain and emotions while knowing that what you are experiencing is okay and normal.

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  • What Every Caregiver Needs to Know About Dying at Home

    Cemetery Oakland

    If you are a caregiver that is helping a failing loved one with funeral pre-planning , then you may benefit from knowing more about handling the person’s impending passing. Continue reading to learn a few important facts about dying at home that caregivers should be aware of.

    It may help to offer permission to go.
    As a person nears death, vital systems shut down one by one. This process is a natural one and is the body’s way of coming to a stop, and it usually requires no invasive measures or medical interventions. However, it’s common for a dying person to instinctively hold on to life. Reassuring the person that you’re caring for that the people she is leaving behind will be alright and that it is okay for her to let go may make this process less difficult.

    It’s normal to cry during goodbyes.
    In the last days of a person’s life, family members tend to gather and make personal goodbyes. Holding the person’s hand, lying in bed with her, and saying what you need to are all excellent ways to say goodbye and support your loved one as she nears the end of her life. Also, know that crying is completely normal and does not need to be hidden or apologized for.

    Preparing in advance may be helpful.
    As the person that you are caring for enters her final days, consider discussing with other family members how you will handle the death once the time arrives. Taking these steps now can make the process of handling the death less stressful when the individual passes. After the death has occurred, take your time with the steps that come next and be patient with yourself and your emotions.

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  • Answering Questions About Scattering Cremated Remains

    Cremation Oakland

    Are you considering cremation for your deceased loved one? If so, then you may have questions about your options after this process. Many families choose to scatter the cremated remains following cremation services . Continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about this practice.

    Is it legal to scatter cremated human remains?
    It’s legal in all 50 states to scatter cremated remains. However, locations such as state and national parks may require that you obtain a permit. If you’re thinking about scattering the cremated remains at sea, then this must be performed at least 3 miles from land, and other conditions may apply. Finally, you must obtain permission from the property’s owner before scattering cremated remains on private land.

    Can cremated remains be scattered in more than 1 location?
    It’s not uncommon for family members to scatter a deceased loved one’s cremated remains in more than 1 place. Also, people sometimes choose to scatter a portion of the cremated remains and keep what is left stored in an urn.

    What should I expect when I scatter cremated remains?
    Often, people are surprised by the appearance of cremated remains. The cremation process removes the organic matter and what is left are bones, which are then pulverized to form what people commonly refer to as ashes. You will find that there are bone fragments present when scattering cremated remains. Generally, the cremated remains of adult males weigh close to 6 pounds, and those of adult females weigh about 4 pounds.

    How should I prepare to scatter cremated remains?
    First, select a location where you would like to perform the ritual. Next, learn about any special regulations for the area and obtain permission or a permit, if necessary. Then, consider if you would like to perform a reading or play a song during the scattering. Lastly, keep in mind that any wind will be a factor in this process, so choose your position and direction accordingly.

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  • What You Can Expect at a Jewish Funeral

    Cemetery Oakland

    Have you been invited to a funeral home to attend a Jewish funeral? If so, and if this will be your first time experiencing this type of event, then you probably have questions about the customs involved. Read on to learn what you can expect at a Jewish funeral.

    The Funeral Service
    When you attend a Jewish funeral service, you will witness the recitation of Psalms, Scripture readings, and the reading of the eulogy. Before or just after the service, mourning family members of the deceased perform a ritual called K’riah , which is an ancient tradition symbolic of the rendering of the mourner’s heart. Clothing is customarily torn during this ritual, but many people now choose to wear a black ribbon, instead. Individuals mourning the loss of a parent wear the ribbon or tear their clothing on the left side, while all other close relatives do so on the right.

    The Burial Process
    Following the service, the deceased is taken and accompanied to his or her final resting place. Once the casket has been placed and the grave filled, the mourners’ prayer, or Kaddish , is recited. Also, mourners and friends show Chesed Shel Emet to the deceased by shoveling some earth onto the vault or casket below. Chesed Shel Emet is considered to be the ultimate act of kindness, love, and selflessness because the deceased is unable to ask the mourners to or repay or thank them for seeing to his or her proper burial.

    The Cemetery Departure
    Following the burial, it is traditional in Jewish funerals for all those in attendance who aren’t among the mourners to form a pathway by standing in a set of double lines in which they face one another, called a Shura . Then, the mourners leave the gravesite by passing through this walkway. Finally, customary condolences are given to the mourners once the burial is complete.

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  • Should You Bring Your Child to a Public Viewing?

    Funeral Home Oakland

    During a viewing, the body of the deceased individual is present and visible. When planning a visit to funeral home following the death of a friend or family member, it’s common for parents to wonder if it is appropriate to allow children to attend a public viewing.

    According to many experts, you should feel comfortable bringing your kids to a viewing if you expect them to remain well-behaved. If you have children who are under age 2, then consider leaving them with a babysitter. Also, parents need to make a judgment call about whether their kids are mature enough to attend a funeral and viewing. Consider asking your child whether he or she would like to attend, and then make a decision based on the conversation that follows.

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  • Tips for Buying Funeral Flowers

    If you have been invited to a funeral, then it is customary to send or bring flowers, unless the invitation indicates otherwise. Are you planning to buy flowers to bring with you to the funeral home? If so, then watch this video for tips on choosing an appropriate arrangement.

    When choosing funeral flowers, it’s important to consider the deceased’s faith and culture, age, and personality. The white or arum lily is associated with Christian images of sorrow and bereavement, and it is well-suited for funerals of many other faiths.

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  • A Look at What Makes Chapel of the Chimes Different

    Cemetery Oakland A leading provider of cremation and funerals in the Oakland area, Chapel of the Chimes Oakland offers clients the highest level of quality and personalized end-of-life services. We take pride in our rich history, the comfortable and professional environment that we promote, and the commitment which we give to each family that we work with.

    Each step of the way, you can count on our funeral home’s staff to provide you with clear and consistent communication, as well as the answers to any questions that you may have regarding our services. We boast extensive knowledge and experience in our field and offer a selection of signature services along with complete funeral planning resources.

    Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland has been providing families with end-of-life services for more than a century. If you need entombment, burial, cremation, or traditional funeral services, then please contact us today by calling (510) 654-0123.