What You Need to Know About Cremation

Funeral wood urn

Cremation has been practiced in some parts of the world for thousands of years. In the United States, however, the choice of cremation as part of the funeral process has only recently become prevalent. If you are pre-planning your funeral or making arrangements for a loved one who has recently passed away, educate yourself about cremation to help you make the important decision between burial and cremation.

  • Benefits of Cremation
    Depending on your preferences and priorities, cremation may offer several advantages over a traditional burial. When the most basic options are chosen, cremation is generally cheaper than burial. Cremation is also typically a more environmentally friendly way to handle of a loved one’s body.
  • Cremation Process
    During cremation, a body is inserted into a cremation chamber, where it is exposed to temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This intense heat reduces the body to bone fragments, often referred to as cremated remains or ashes.
  • Ceremony Options
    Before a body is cremated, a family can choose to hold a viewing, just like the viewing that can be held for a full-body burial. Individuals can also choose a direct cremation. With both options, a funeral service or memorial can still be held.
  • Cremated Remains
    You can choose to scatter some or all of the cremated remains in a place that held some sort of significance to the loved who has recently passed away. Any ashes that are not scattered can be stored below the ground, in an above-ground urn, or in columbarium.

Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland provides a full range of funeral and cremation services. Our historic chapel is a beautiful place to honor your loved one with a special ceremony, and our cemetery and columbarium are idyllic places for the storage of your loved one’s remain. If you are in need of funeral planning assistance, call (510) 654-0123 to speak with a dedicated and compassionate funeral service provider.