What Flowers Are Traditional for Funerals?

white lilies with black pollen on pink background

Flowers have been a fixture at funerals for hundreds of years. During that time, changes in the colors, types, and arrangements of flowers have become acceptable for individuals of various backgrounds. If you are planning a funeral or preparing to purchase flowers as a sympathy gift, educate yourself on which type of flowers are appropriate for the occasion:

Color In some religious traditions, certain colors and types of flowers are considered customary. In Buddhism, white flowers are generally incorporated into funeral arrangements. In other major religions, such as Christianity, a variety of colors are acceptable. Are you selecting flowers for the family of someone who has recently passed away? Consider the family’s religious affiliation and any special requests that were indicated on the funeral announcement.

Personality Flower arrangements that have traditionally been displayed at funerals typically include red or white roses. Floral arrangements that serve as tributes to deceased children are often designed with brightly colored flowers. If you are unsure what is appropriate, white and red roses are typically a safe choice.

“In Lieu of Flowers…” It is uncommon for flowers to be incorporated into Jewish funerals; however, families of all religious traditions sometimes request that flowers not be brought to a funeral service. Look closely at any funeral announcements you receive, and make sure that the family of the deceased has not requested that a charitable donation be made in lieu of flowers before you visit the florist.

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