Chapel of the Chimes: Tips for Coping with the Loss of a Parent

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The loss of a parent can be extremely difficult, regardless of the parent’s age or health. This devastating event can send an entire family into intense emotional turmoil. However, there are many proven strategies for coping with the loss of a parent:  

Take Time Everyone experiences and processes grief differently, so the coping process can vary in length from person to person. Resist the impulse to rush through your grieving process. This behavior will only make the coping process more difficult in the long run .

Be Honest The emotions you feel after the loss of a parent can be unpredictable. There’s no right or wrong way to feel about the passing of a loved one—allow every emotion you experience to come to the surface. Though these rushes of emotions may be uncomfortable, they are also an important part of the coping process.

Acknowledge Loss A journal is a great tool for coping with the loss of a parent. Consider recording some of your favorite family memories in the journal. By coming to grips with everything you’ve lost, you’ll be in a better position to grieve properly.

Make Connections If your parent has passed away, don’t try to cope with the loss on your own. Instead, reach out to neighbors and loved ones for support. A friend or family member can offer emotional support during this trying time. You can also find several online resources that explain grief, where it comes from, and how to resolve the feeling.

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