Tips for Coping with the Passing of a Close Friend


Losing a friend is a tragic time for everyone. However, don’t let grief get the best of you. There are many things you can do to cope with your loss in a way that will help everyone affected by the tragedy. Read on to find out how you can cope with the passing of a close friend or colleague:

Help Out the Family

After the death occurs, the deceased’s family will want to grieve together and collect their thoughts, but they may not have the time to do so. You can help ease the financial strain on their shoulders by offering to help them out. Even by just offering to watch their kids or making them dinner, you can free up some time for them and show that they are in your thoughts.

Make a Donation in the Deceased’s Name

If your friend was passionate about a certain charity or cause, a donation is a great way to honor his memory or create a legacy. Make it in his name, and everyone at the charity who hears about it will know that your friend was a selfless, generous person who, even in death, would be happy to know that his favorite cause is well cared for.

Be Careful What You Say

Grief has a tendency to make mourners very sensitive, and you don’t want to say anything at the funeral home that could potentially set them off. For example, you never want to remind the family that your friend is no longer in pain if he died from some painful disease. As true as it may be, you don’t know if your friend and his family argued about euthanasia, or anything else you’re unaware of that could make your comments seem rude. In many cases, it’s perfectly acceptable to remain quiet.

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