The Steps of Writing a Eulogy that Honors Your Loved One

Elderly man lost in thought

Being asked to deliver a eulogy at a loved one’s funeral service is an honor, but it is also a responsibility that can place added stress on an already grieving individual. If you have been given the honor of preparing a eulogy for a recently deceased individual who had a special place in your life, follow these steps to writing a heartfelt eulogy without feeling overwhelmed.

Gather Your Thoughts

Find a quiet place to reflect on your loved one’s life and memory. Jot down notes pertaining to any experiences or characteristics you may want to include. This is essentially a brainstorm of the events and memories that flood your mind when you think of your deceased loved one.

Pick a Theme

Once you have jotted down some notes, take a look at them and see if there is a facet of your loved one’s personality or an accomplishment from your loved one’s life that sticks out as a good theme that will help you tie the eulogy together.

Outline and Write a Draft

Keeping the theme of the eulogy in mind, create an outline for your loved one’s eulogy. Once you’ve done this, tie the outline together using vivid language and personal anecdotes .

Enlist Others for Help

If you struggle at any point during the eulogy writing process, do not be afraid to ask for assistance. It can be beneficial to bounce ideas around with someone else who knew your loved one well. Have a close friend or family member of the deceased edit your draft and listen to you giving a practice run.

Delivering a heartfelt eulogy is one of the best final gifts you can give to a loved one. If you are in the process of planning a funeral service and are looking for a compassionate and experienced Oakland funeral home representative to assist you every step of the way, call Chapel of the Chimes Oakland at (510) 654-0123.