A Guide to Coping with Bereavement


The days and weeks following the death of a loved one tend to be the most difficult of one’s life. While the grieving process is unique and each person deals with loss in his or her own way, there are a handful of strategies that have proven effective in helping most people cope with a loved one’s passing. As you make arrangements for your loved one’s funeral and cremation services and begin to process the reality of your loss, keep the following advice in mind.

Allow Yourself to Feel

The bereavement period is almost always accompanied by strong and varied emotions. As you experience feelings that were previously foreign to you in the days and weeks following your loved one’s death, remember that everyone grieves differently and that the bereavement period has no set time limit. Embracing your feelings may actually help you to move forward, but you should not hesitate to seek help if you become concerned about the thoughts and feelings you have during your period of mourning.

Take Care of Yourself

When you are grieving the loss of one of your closest companions, it can be easy to forget to prioritize your health. Good physical health, however, is important to have during the coping process. Make an effort to ensure that you drink plenty of water, eat enough food, and get plenty of rest during the bereavement process.

Seek Help When You Need It

The family members and friends who have offered assistance since your loved one departed this world are really more than happy to help you. Know that your friends and family are there for you, and seek professional help if you feel that you need it.

At Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, we understand that there is no way for one to be truly prepared for bereavement. To help those who use our cremation and funeral services get started on the path toward acceptance of loss, we offer online grief support and counseling services in addition to more conventional resources for helping mourning individuals to cope. To speak with a funeral home representative about our cremation, funeral, and grief support services , call (510) 654-0123.