Exploring Normal Reactions to Grief


There is no “normal” way to grieve because everyone experiences loss in a unique way. However, it is quite common to feel as though you’re on a “rollercoaster” of emotions. As you move through the grieving process, you may start to feel a little better for a few days, only to experience intense emotions again later. Many people experience feelings of shock or numbness shortly after the death. These feelings may persist through the funeral service and burial or cremation. You might feel as though you have little energy to complete daily tasks and you may feel that completing the usual tasks of daily life is pointless.

In addition to periods of numbness, it’s common to experience episodes of intense anger or rage. You may even feel angry at the decedent, despite knowing that this anger is irrational. As the anger passes, you may feel sadness and depression, accompanied by anxiety or fearfulness. While you cope with the many reactions of grief, it can be helpful to consult a grief counselor or join a bereavement support group.

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