Choosing Music for a Funeral

Comfort can be found in many aspects of a funeral service. The gathering of loved ones can help each individual process grief, and a eulogy can offer solace. Music can also bring peace during times of mourning, which is why it typically plays a significant role in many funeral services . However, the large number of song choices can make the selection process a difficult one for those in charge of coordinating the funeral. If you are in this position, the following tips can help you find the music most suitable for remembering your loved one.

Choosing Music for a Funeral - Chapel of the Chimes Oakland

Consider the Departed’s Life

When considering your music choices for a funeral , you may want to first reflect on the preferences of the departed. In some instances, a lost loved one might have let friends or family members know what songs he wished to be played during the funeral service. Even when the wishes of the departed are not known, considering his life and personality can often lead you to appropriate song choices.

Discuss Family Choices

You can also turn to other family members for help in the song selection process. Given that a funeral is a time to gather with loved ones and help each other through the grieving process, your family might already have music in mind that suits the service. You might also want to reach out to close friends for their song suggestions.

Consult the Funeral Home

Choosing music for a funeral service is one of several considerations that you may have to make during an emotionally trying time. If you are finding it difficult to select songs for your loved one’s service, talk to the funeral director. This professional’s extensive experience and knowledge of funeral-appropriate music can be of immense help. Your funeral director can provide options for you to select from before the service.

Chapel of the Chimes Oakland can guide you through each step of the funeral planning process. Our staff is always available to offer recommendations and sort through your music selections. For more information on our funeral, cremation, or burial services for the greater Oakland community, call (510) 654-0123.

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