A Guide to Mausoleum Burial

Funeral Home Oakland

Being put to rest in a mausoleum is extremely desirable. If you and your family can afford a mausoleum burial, it is well worth the benefits it provides. If you are planning a burial with a funeral home in Oakland, a mausoleum burial is a wonderful option. Read on to learn more about this type of burial.

A mausoleum burial allows loved ones to visit the deceased in a private and beautiful space. If your loved one is placed in the ground, the memorial process takes place in a public area for family and friends. However, if the deceased is placed in a mausoleum, people can grieve as they need to—in their own way. A family mausoleum allows for the highest form of privacy and peace for the deceased and grieving. Whether you are a couple or a family of many, family mausoleums allow you to rest together in a dignified setting.

If you are considering funeral pre-planning or wish to learn more about a mausoleum burial , contact Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland at (510) 654-0123. We have been helping families plan burials for over 100 years and we look forward to helping you.